About me

This is Shahajul Islam from Dhaka.

I’m a student and studies at Govt. Titumir College Department of Accounting under Dhaka University. I’m a professional graphic designer. Although I’m studying and working as a freelancer. But, I always try to do different something. That’s why I always try learning new something. My main goal is to help people. At present, I’m learning to programme. If I get time, I write an article. I have skill about this subject.  Traveling is one of the most favorites among all my things. That’s why I always try to write something about tourist places.

I’ve created this site for knowing about tourist places. And then you can easily go there. I think Tourism find is one of the largest travel sites of Bangladesh. Because of more than 500 descriptions of tourist places have this website. Definitely, it will help the traveler. Here you’ll know much more things. Such as description of tourist places, how to go there, where you’ll stay, how much will be the total cost and weekly closures, schedules, and access fees etc.

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