Guthia Mosque

Guthia Mosque

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Actually, there is a lot to see in every area of our beautiful country. Somewhere, the beauty of nature fascinates the mind, and somewhere man-made something astonishes us. Barisal is one of the most beautiful districts of Bangladesh. These two types of beauty will be seen in this district. The Durga Sagar Lake, Guava Garden of Swarupkathi and Shapla Village are situated in this district. And another beauty of Barisal is Guthia Mosque. Although it is known as Guthia Mosque, its original name is Baitul Aman Jame Mosque.


This beautiful mosque is located at the village of Changuria of Guthia union under Ujirpur Upazila of the Barisal district. It is located 22 kilometers southwest of the Barisal city. Ujirpur Upazila on the way to Barisal-Banaripara road. Changuria village of Guthia union on the side of the road. Guthia Mosque, the largest mosque in the southern part of Bangladesh is situated in this village.


Baitul Aman Jame Mosque and Eidgah Complex have been established in the fully Individual effort. It is one of the finest mosques of the architectural beauty of the country. It is now considered to be one of the tourism areas of Barisal Division. Sarfuddin Ahmed Santu, the founder of Barisal’s various educational institutions, built the mosque with his own funding. The construction cost of the Mosque and Eidgah Complex is about 20 crore taka. It took four years and a month to complete the construction process.

Guthia Mosque is built on a total of 14 acres of land. When entering the main gate of the Mosque and Eidgah Complex, there is a pond on the right side. The surroundings of the pond have been decorated with various flower plants. The roads of the pond have been paved for the visitor’s movement. Two fountains have been installed in front of the entrance of the mosque. The fountains became more spectacular in the light of night. The artificial lake is excavated on three sides of the mosque.

The mosque has been constructed on the basis of three or four mosques in the Middle East, but not exactly the same. Its founder Sarfuddin Ahmed Santu took some of his architect friends to different countries of the world including Sharjah, Dubai, Turkey, Medina Sharif, India, and Pakistan. The architects built the mosque in Guthia on the basis of the architecture of foreign mosques. The pond in front of the mosque has been excavated in such a way that the whole reflected image of the mosque can be seen in the water of the pond. Baitul Aman Jame Mosque and Eidgah Complex have been built in 20 dome structures.

The surroundings of the central dome were decorated with the calligraphy of Ayatul Kursi. The inner surroundings of the whole mosque were decorated with the calligraphy of Sura Ar Rahman. Several calligraphy of Al-Quran are being adorned below the four domes of inner four corners, the front side of entry gate and some spectacular spots of the mosque. This lovely calligraphy and artistic designs are made with colorful glass, precious marble stones, granite, and ceramics.

Nine sophisticated and valuable chandeliers have been installed under the nine domes inside. The Tiles of white Marble stone imported from India have been installed on the floor of the mosque. One thousand and four hundred people can pray together in the mosque. More than 5,000 devotees can pray together in the outer part. The length of the Minar on the side of the mosque is 193 feet.

The Complex Office, Khatib and Muazzin Quarter, Orphanage and Hafezia Madrasa are in the two-storied building on the north side of the mosque. In the east-south corner of the mosque, there is a graveyard is on the land of 2.5 acres. The flower garden, car parking and helipad are located in the complex courtyard. Besides the electricity line, there are two 150/15 kW / kVA powered generators.

The Inauguration:

Moulana Shah Mohammed Mohibbullah, Pir Saheb of Sarsina Darbar Sharif inaugurated this mosque by praying JUmmah Salat on October 20, 2006. Since the inauguration of the mosque, innumerable visitors have gathered in the courtyard of this mosque to see the mosque. You can also visit Guthia Mosque easily on any holiday.

How to go there?

To visit Guthiya Mosque you have to come to Barishal at first. Then you can go for Guthiya. You can reach Barishal by road or by waterways from Dhaka.

By road or Bus:
By road, you can reach Barisal from Dhaka by 6 to 8 hours. Several buses left for Barisal from Gabtali Bus Terminal of Dhaka at 6 am to 10 pm every day. Most of the buses cross the Paturia Ghat to go to Barisal and some buses cross the Mawa Ghat to go to Barisal. Buses coming from Dhaka stops at the Natullabad bus stand of Barisal.

Contact numbers of several Barisal going buses from Dhaka:
Shakura Transport, Phone: 01190658772, 01772556677.
Eagle Transport, Phone: 0-9006700.
Hanif Transport, Phone: 01713049559.

Bus rental per person:
AC bus rental: 700 Taka.
Rent of non-AC bus: 500 Taka.
Local bus fares: 250-300 Taka.

By waterways or Launch:
Barisal launches from Dhaka depart from Sadar Ghat between 8 pm and 9 pm. Among all launches, Sundarban 7/8, Survi 8, Parabat 11, Kirtankhola 1/2 launches are good in service. These launches reached Barisal at around 5 am. Launch Rentals: Deck rental is 150 taka, Double Cabin 1600 Taka and VIP Cabin 4500 Taka.

There are also two super-fast launches named MV Green Line-1 and MV Green Line-2. These two launches reach Barisal from Dhaka by only 5 hours. These launches depart from Sadarghat of Dhaka at 7:30 am every day. Rent for the economic class is 700 (including food) Taka and for Business Class is 1000 Taka (including food).

Barisal to Guthiya Mosque:
If you get to any of the buses going to Swarupkati from Barisal, you can get to Guthia Mosque. Apart from this, from the Natullabad area of Barisal Sadar, you can reach Guthia Mosque by Mahindra cars by 30 Taka per person. Besides, many buses depart from Natullabad Bus Stand for Banaripara. It costs only 14 Taka to go to the mosque.

Where will you stay?

There are several hotels to stay in Barisal. Some hotel information is provided below for your convenience.

Hotel Paradise to International, Phone: + 88-01717072686, + 88-01724853590.
Hotel Grand Plaza, Phone: + 88-01711357318, + 88-01917458088.
Hotel Athena International, Phone: + 88-0431-65109, + 88-0431-6523.
Hotel Hawk International, Phone: + 88-01718587698.

In the proper plan, not only can you visit the Guthia Mosque only on the same day, but also you can visit the Durga Sagar Lake and the Guava Garden of Swarupkathi.

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