Kotka Beach

Kotka Beach

Kotka Beach is one of the beautiful places of Sundarbans, the world’s largest mangrove forest. The distance of Kotka Beach from the port of Mongla is about 90 kilometers. To enjoy the natural beauty of the Sundarbans, there is a 40 feet watchtower in Kotka. Kotka sea beach is about three kilometers walking distance from the north side Kotka watchtower.

The Kotka beach is known as the Jamtola beach to the local people. On the way to the beach, different types of Jam (one type of berry) trees can be seen. That’s why the beach is called the Jamatola beach. Crab’s artwork is seen across the calm and clean Kotka beaches. The Kotka beach is directly meet to Kachikhali in the east. The wave size on this beach is extremely variable and it is very risky to get on the water for unknown quicksands on this beach. For these reasons, Jamtala or Kotka beach is not ideal for taking a bath.

One of the main attractions of the Sundarbans is Royal Bengal Tiger. However, it is difficult to see tigers in the forest. And if the tiger is found on it, there is also a matter of safety. But seeing the tiger and staying safe – both can be possible from the Kotka sanctuary, the beautiful tourist center of Sundarbans. The Royal Bengal Tigers, one of the main attractions of the Sundarbans, are often seen here. Apart from this, beautiful spotted deer, the variety of birds, the calm nature and the presence of wild animals, Katka sanctuary always occupies a separate place on the list of tourists.

There is a rest house of the Forest Department in Kotka. There is a wooden jetty here to get out from the launch. The rest house is near to the jetty. In front of it, the huge ocean waves are seen. There are numerous small canals surrounding it. Tours with boats in these canals are very enjoyable. Besides the canals, it is seen that the spotted deer grazing in the group. Besides, monkeys, otters, and jungle fowl are seen in the forest. Occasionally the tiger roar is heard also. During the dark night, millions of fireflies make the mind fascinating and seduced by their lights.

From the rear side of the Katka Forest Division office, there a west-facing wood made the tail. During the low tide, the deep aerial roots of mangrove plants are seen on the canal located on the north side of the tail. There are three consecutive Tigers mounds will be seen after a few walks toward the south of the forest. Here tiger footprints are seen often.

The launch is the main way to go to Kotka. Tourists carrying launches anchor in the Kotka Canal. Kotka Forest Department’s office is located on the west bank of the canal. From there, there is a brick paved road to the west. If you follow this path, then you will reach the wonderfully wild Kotka beach. Kotka beach is a perfect place to watch the sunset.

Travel Fees for Tourists:

Daily travel cost per person for Bangladeshi tourists in the sanctuary area is 150 Takas, for students – 30 Takas and for the foreign tourists, the travel fee is 1500 per person. Outside the sanctuary, the travel fee for the Bangladeshi tourists is 70 Takas, students – 20 Takas, for the foreign tourists the travel fee is 1000 per person and the travel fees for researchers are 40 Takas. In Karamjol, travel fee for Bangladeshi tourists is 20 Taka and 300 Takas for foreigners.

In addition to the travel fees of the forest department, other expenses are- 500 Taka daily for the guide, 300 Taka daily for security guards, 70 Taka for the launch crew, telecommunication fee 200 Taka. For the video cameras, the local tourist’s fees are 200 Taka and the foreign tourist’s fees are 300 Taka.

During the Sundarbans Ras Purnima, pilgrims will have to pay 50 Takas per person for three days, the registered engine boat fee is 200 taka, the unregistered engine boat fee is 800 taka and the staying fee for engine boat is 200 Taka for every day.

How to go there?

If you want to go to Kotka sea beach, you will have to go to the Sundarbans first. The Kotka sea beach is inside the Sundarbans. Currently, hundreds of small and large travel agencies are engaged in the tourism business in the Sundarbans. By contracting with any good quality travel agency you can go to the Sundarbans. After reaching the Sundarbans, you can go to the Kotka beach by contacting the agency.

From Gabtoli and Sayedabad bus terminals of Dhaka Bagerhat going buses can be found. Buses of Meghna Transport (0171717388553) and Parjotok Transport (01711131078) leave from Sayedabad bus terminal. And buses of Sakura Transport (01711010450) and Sohag Transport (01718679302) leave from Gabtali bus terminal.

If you want, you can come to Khulna by train from Kamalapur Railway Station. From Khulna, you can get Sundarbans going launches from Rupsa or Mongla Port. Apart from these, you can also hire launches from Morologanj of Bagerhat and Shoronkhola to go to the Sundarbans.

Where will you stay?

There are arrangements for staying at Kachikhali of the Sundarbans Tiger Point, Nilkamal of Hiran Point and Kotka Forest Department rest houses. If you want to stay in Nilkamal, then it will cost 3000 Takas for one room for the Bangladeshi tourists and 5000 for foreigners. Kachikhali will cost 3000 Takas for each room for Bangladeshi tourist and 5000 Takas for foreigners. Each room at Kotka will cost 2,000 Taka for Bangladeshi tourists and 5000 Takas for foreigners.

There are no many residential hotels to stay in Bagerhat. While there is less scope for Mamtaj Hotel on Rail Road, the quality of service is comparatively better, but the cost is a little higher. You can also search for other hotels in the nearby Momtaz hotels.
There are hotels in the tourist corporation to stay in Mongla. There are some common-quality hotels to stay at the port of the Pashur. If you want to stay in Satkhira town then you can find some common quality hotels here.

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