Kaptai Lake

Kaptai Lake

Kaptai Lake is an artificial lake in Rangamati district of the Chittagong Hill Tracts region of Bangladesh. Kaptai Lake is the largest artificial lake in South Asia. Construction of Kaptai dam on Karnafuli River in 1956 for Karnafuli water power plant. Then, 54 thousand acres of agricultural land in Rangamati district sank and this lake was created. In 1956, the Pakistan government started construction of the Kaptai dam through American funding. Its construction ended in 1962. Kaptai Lake is basically the regional name of the Karnafuli Lake.

Bangladesh’s only hydropower project is located in Kaptai. Although it is mainly produced for hydropower generation, the reservoir is plenty of fish farming. Surrounding Kaptai Lake, the tourism industry in Rangamati district has been developed. The new Chakma Rajbari and Buddhist temples are located on the banks of Lake. A lot of fish and biodiversity combinations in the lake. This lake has a famous hanging bridge. The lake is surrounded by hills on two sides. You can travel to the lake through hire the trawler.

Speedboats and boats are available in the Rijarb Bazar, Tobolchari and tourism barges for travel in Kaptai Lake. The price for the speedboats per hour is 1200-1500 Tk and 500-800 Tk for the indigenous boat. Kaptai Upazila Tourism Motel and Hanging Bridge through Rangamati town of Tobolchari can go directly to the road in ‘Tourist Complex’. There are parking facilities for the cars.

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