Alutila Cave

Alutila Cave

We might have heard a lot about the cave. Naturally, the cave is dark. Think of it, you are walking through a dark cave with a flambeau and the cold water flow through your feet. So how do you feel, just imagine! It will be a strange feeling. To experience such a strange feeling, you can visit Alutila Cave in Khagrachari.

The Alutila Cave is a natural cave located in Khagrachari district of Bangladesh. The Alutila Cave is located at 3000 feet high from the sea level in Matiranga Upazila of Khagrachari district 7 kilometers west of the main city. The former name of the Alutila is the Arbari Mountain. There is a lot of wild potatoes grown in that mountain. During World War II, there was a crisis of food in Khagrachari. Local people lived on eating wild potatoes from this mountain then. Since then, this mountain is known as Alutila as the meaning of potato in the Bengali language is ‘Alu’.

The Alutila Cave is located on that Alutila Mountain. The locals call it ‘Matai Hakor’. Matai Hakor means the cave of the god. This cave is very dark and cool. The sunlight does not enter the cave, so you have to enter with taking a flambeau. The cave is slippery and rocky and a fountain flowing beneath it. The cave looks like a terrestrial tunnel. The cave is about 100 meters long, 1.8 meters high and 0.9 meters wide. It takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes to go through one end to another end of the cave. Since the height of the cave is very low, it is necessary to crawl at one stage.

The position of this mysterious cave is at the feet of the hill, 266 steps below the peak of the hill. The diameter of the entrance of the cave is about 18 feet. If you want to go to the cave, at first you have to buy a ticket from the main gate. Then you have to buy a flambeau. After entering through the main gate, there will be quite a few hilly paths to reach the cave. The rocks of the cave are very slippery so slippery sandals or shoes should not be worn. With additional security, you can take a mobile torch or torchlight. The adventure and travel thirsty people should travel this cave at least once in the life.

The Alutila Cave is situated in a pleasant environment. Before the entrance to the cave, its pleasant atmosphere will fill your mind with joy. This cave on the mountain can give joy to any traveler. There is a dense green forest around the cave. There is a fountain named Rising very close to the Alutila Cave. If you want you can visit this beautiful fountain after visiting the cave.

How to go there?

To see the cave, you have to go Khagrachari Sadar first. Buses from Shyamoli, Hanif, Saudia, Rifat and many other transport companies travel to Khagrachari from Dhaka daily. Rent 520 Taka for non-AC buses. In addition, AC buses of BRTC and St. Martin Paribahan also go for Khagrachari.

Contact Numbers:
St. Martin Transport – Arambagh (Dhaka): 017626691341, 017626691340. Khagrachari: 017626691358.
Shyamoli Transport – Arambagh (Dhaka): 02-714-291. Kalyanpur (Dhaka): 9003331, 8034275. Asad Gate (Dhaka): 8124881, 912454. Dampara (Chittagong): 01711371405, 01711377244.
Shanti Transport – Arambagh (Dhaka) – 01190994007. Oxygen (Chittagong): 01817715552.

You can also go to Khagrachari from Chittagong. BRTC AC Bus – Kadamtali (Chittagong): 01682385255. Khagrachari: 01557402507

If you sit on the bus at around 10 pm, then you will reach Khagrachari by 6 o’clock in the morning. After taking breakfast you can start your journey to Alutila. You can get many cars from the bus stand of Shanti Paribahan or from Shapla Circle to Alutila. But remember, all types of vehicles can not rise above the mountainous roads. From the Khagrachari city, you can go to Alutila Tourism Center by riding on Chander Gari (One type of Jeep). In that case, the rent will be 800 to 1000 Taka for the whole car for up and down. Or you can also go to by CNG autorickshaw or bus. So if you plan to travel Sajek, you can also visit New Zealand Hill costing a little bit time with Alutila Cave. You can also take a look at Hazachara waterfall. From Khagrachari Sadar to Alutila it may take 40 minutes to 1 hour. You will have to buy a ticket from the entrance gate to visit the cave and its surroundings. The ticket price is 10 Taka only.

Where will you stay?

In Khagrachari there are many hotels of different quality, including tourism motel.

Tourism Motel: All the rooms in this motel have two beds. Rent for AC Room is 2100 Taka, for non-AC Room is 1300 Taka and for AC suite room is 3,100 taka. Contact: 0371-6208485.

Hotel Eco Chari Int: It is situated in the mountainous environment beside Khagrapur Cantonment. It is a resort type hotel. Contact: 0371-62625, 3743225.

There are few more good quality hotels are below:
Hotel Hill Suborno: 0371-61436, 01190776812.
Hotel Zerin: 0371-61071.
Hotel Lobby: 0371-6120, 01556575746, 01199244730.
Hotel Shilpi: 0371-61795.

Where to Eat:
The location of the traditional System Restaurant is at Pankhai Para near the Khagrachari town. Here you can eat all types of traditional foods of Khagrachari. Contact: 0371-626634, 01556773493, 017390632222.


• The cave is dark and the path of walking is not the same. So walk carefully. But do not be afraid, there is no wild animal here.

• Try to enter with a group and avoid entering alone.

• Keep more than one flambeau. You can buy flambeaus from the entrance of the cave. Buy two torches. If one is exhausted then you can inflame another. The price of each flambeau is 10 Taka only.

• The cave is somewhere high, somewhere low. So move carefully.

• It is better not to make noise with friends in the caves.

• Do not keep heavy things with you at the time of entry into the cave. It will have the advantage of your moving.

• Keep mobile and money carefully. They may fall down and get wet.

• Avoid throwing something in the cave. It can damage its environment or cause difficulties for others to move.

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