Vinno Jogot

Vinno Jogot

Vinno Jogot is an attractive park in Rangpur. Being disturbed by the agony of mechanical life, we sometimes think that if we could go away from the familiar circle and go somewhere else! Many people want to spend a good day forgetting all the busyness for at least one day! And to meet this natural desire, today we will introduce you to an amusement park named ‘Vinno Jogot’(English meaning: Different World). Really this is a different world. The Vinno Jogot is one of the tourist spots in Rangpur. The natural beauty and the pleasant atmosphere of this Vinno Jogot or Different World will release you from the busy mechanical life.

On the more than 100 acres of land, the entertainment center named as ‘Vinno Jogot’ was established in 2001 in Khalea, Ganjipur area of Gangachara Upazila, about 11 kilometers away from Rangpur city. Among the travel spots in Rangpur, the Vinno Jogot is one of the most preferred. It is the largest picnic spot and tourism center in north Bengal. The largest amusement park in Bangladesh. It’s position in Gangipora of GangacharaUpazilaa of Rangpur district.

Large areas of Vinno Jagot and different types of entertainment elements will give you a different feeling. In the tourism season, average thousands of people visit the Vinno Jagot daily. Every day students of different school-colleges, people of different companies and the general people visit Vinno Jagot to spend a day differently.

The entertainment center, spread over nearly 100 acres of land, is constantly fluttering in different types of birds. Many species of birds can be seen on the trees. In the evening they come back to their nests. Hundreds of thousands of native and foreign trees are being decorated in Vinno Jagot. Here visitors can roam the whole day in the shade of trees. When crossing the main gate of the Vinno Jagot, it will be seen in a huge lake surrounded by scenic scenes. There is an iron bridge in front of it. When the bridge is crossed, then there will be another variant within the dissolution.

The entertainment center has been developed privately by the combination of rural heritage and modern technology. Cottage for picnic, aviary sanctuaries, shopping mall, 500-seat modern conference center, community center, skill test robot zone and swimming pool will be seen in the Vinno Jagot. There are also Shishu Kanon for children, Merigo Round, Helicopter Fly zone, Nagarodola, Kangaroo Moving, Spider Zone, Bumper Car, Racing Horse, See-Paradise, Maki Train, Jol Torongo, Ajab Guha (strange cave), 3D Movie, Ice world, Space Journey, Shapala Terrace etc.

Various cultural events are organized in Vinno Jagot with different concerts at different festivals. There are sculptures of seven Birshreshtha freedom fighters and those who are martyred in Bengali language movement. There are also several sculptures of, crocodiles, frogs, different species of fish, fairy, nymphs and many more. There are also good arrangements for boat trips on the huge lake.

The miniature of the world’s 7th wonder is constructed here. In Vinno Jagot you will get the opportunity to see Taj Mahal, Pyramid, Great Wall of China, and Eiffel Tower together. One of the attractions of the different world, here is the first private planetarium in Bangladesh. After entering the planetarium you will be lost in planets and stars. Find out the history of creating the world through Big Bang.

At the same time, there are arrangements of at least five hundred separate picnic groups. The Vinno Jagot provides the facility of cooking their won for the picnic parties. There are at least 800 to 900 hundreds of car parking facilities inside. And there are 7 cottages.

There are also arrangements for fishing on the inner lake. During the dry season, water is scattered throughout the night for the convenience of mass tourists so that dusts don’t fly during the day.

Security System:

The Vinno Jagot has its own security system. Here many officers and employees are engaged in the safety of the visitors. Mostafa Kamal, the owner of Vinno Jogot, said that the biggest entertainment center among the North Bengal. He said that we are responsible for the safety of those who visit here Considering the advantages of tourists, there is an information center in the Vinno Jogot, which helps tourists to find different types of information and find lost things.

How to go there?

Greenline and T.R. Travels are the best transport of Dhaka to Rangpur route. Apart from this, the common buses of the Agomoni, SR, Shyamoli, Hanif, Keya Transports etc. are available on this route. The buses are available at different times from morning till night from Kalyanpur and Gabtoli Bash Stand in Dhaka. Bus fares range start from 300 to 700 taka. In addition to the road, it is possible to go to Rangpur via rail. There are good transport and communication system to go Rangpur from other cities except.

From Rangpur Medical College, you can easily go the Vinno Jagot by bus or auto rickshaw. If you want to go by bus you will first go to Pagla Pir area and take auto rickshaw again for the Vinno Jagot. It takes 15 to 20 minutes to go from Pagla Pir to the gate of the Vinno Jagot. There is also car parking facility in Vinno Jagot. The car can be parked by paying different prices for different types of vehicles.

Visiting Hours and Fees:

The Vinno Jagot is open from 8 am to 7:30 pm every day. The entry fee in the park is 50 Taka. Tickets for each ride are available at Tk 5 to 30 taka.

Where will you stay?

If you want to stay you can get to the resort of Vinno Jogot. Cottage rental is 4500 taka, Single room is 1800, AC room is 3000 taka, AC Deluxe 3600 taka, AC suite 5100 taka, VIP room 8300 taka. Laundry, internet, TV and meeting rooms are available. Special offers are provided for corporate programs. Any booking is to be done at least 72 hours in advance. Phone: 01933-839919, Agent: 01833360333.

Rangpur city is also good for staying. There are many good quality hotels here. Few best hotels are Hotel Shah Amanat (Shipping Company), Hotel Golden Tower, Hotel Di Park, Hotel Tilottama (Thana Road), Hotel Vijay (Jail Road), RDRS (Jail Road). Besides, there are many hotels in Rangpur. You can choose one of them. The cost is not too much.

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