Lalakhal is a river of transparent blue water in Jointapur Upazila, about 35 kilometers away from Sylhet city. This is a beautiful place of natural beauty. This is a perfect place to feel a natural beauty. In the hills, there are dense green forests, rivers, tea-gardens, and various species of trees, which include Lalakhal. In Lalakhal, you can see the thick green hill forests, rivers, tea gardens and various species of trees. Water and nature are mixed with the people’s lives here, which will give you a great motivation to live. If you are in Lalakhal you have the opportunity to meet with indigenous people. Inclusive of everything, the area is a favorite, desired and awaited place for tourists.

You can go to Lalakhal by road and waterways. But most tourists chose waterways because the boat trips are more enjoyable. You will be fascinated by going on the way to the water. Certainly, for a while, you will be lost in your mind. Lalakhal’s position at the bottom of India’s Cherrapunji. Originating from Cherrapunji Hills this river flows through Bangladesh. The winter is the suitable time to travel Lalakhal. If you want you can travel on a rainy day. But wintertime is quite safe.

Shari river flows by the side of Tamabil Road of Lalakhal. The most interesting aspect of this river is its water of different colors. There is different color water in each part of the river. Like blue, green and transparent water. You can go to Lalakhal by boat or speedboat over the transparent water of the river. After 45 minutes of journey, you will reach the Factory Ghat of Lalakhal tea garden. During this time you will see the river bottom through its crystal clear water.

If you want you can spend the whole day or you can spend the last part of the day. For the whole day, there are two kinds of joy you will find. The environment of Lalakhal is more amazing in the evening. You will never forget the feelings of boat journey on the Lalakhal In the moonlit night. But you have to be careful at night tour. If you wish, y6ou can spend the night with a booking at the newly opened resort next to Lalakhal. The resort also has its own transport system.

There is no house on either side of Lalakhal, but there are different kinds of plants and trees. However, there are numerous curves in the river. Every curve is beautiful to look like. The mountains are seen away from the river. As much as you can see, the mountains are not as close to actually. Looking at the mountains, it seems that someone has arranged with a hand one after another. The clouds gather on the hills. Sometimes it causes heavy rainfall. Suddenly, the fountain is coming down from the hills. It is differently amazing from seeing the mountains on the boat in the river. If you come with a team, it will be more enjoyable.

How to go there?

To reach Lalakhal, you have to go Sharighat first. You will have to ride on Laguna or Jaflong going buses from in front of Sylhet Shishu Park to go Sharighat. Sareghat is situated in the middle of Sylhet and Jaflong. As already mentioned, the paths to go are two roads and waterways. If you want to go on the road, it is better to rent a microbus or car. Apart from this, after reaching Sharighat by bus or Laguna you can hire CNG auto rickshaw to go Lalakhal. If you want to go on waterways you have to reach Sharighat in the same way. Then you have to hire a boat from Sharighat to Lalakhal. Vehicles are available till 8 pm.

Where will you stay?

If you want you can spend the night at the bank of Lalakhal. There is only one resort in Lalakhal. The resort, named as Northern Resort, has its own transport system. If you want to stay there you have to book beforehand.

Another staying option is the Nazimnagarh Resort which is situated in Khadimnagarh near Lalakhal. Good to communicate beforehand. Otherwise, the room may not be found in the resort. There are three types of arrangements for staying in Nazimnagarh resort. There are huge terraces, small bungalows, and big villas. Rentals are different for different arrangements. But all are similar to the five-star hotel. There are pools and spas, where you can remove your body fatigue. The cost of staying at Nazimnagarh Resort is a little more expensive than the usual hotels and cottages. It will cost 7 thousand takas for the least expensive ‘premiere’ rooms for one night. The rent will be approximately 15 thousand takas for Presidential Suite. One room can accommodate up to 3 people. But for children under 8 year, there are no fees. In this rental, you can get breakfast of two people in the morning.


If you want to go on the road, the rent will be less if you rent a micro if you have a team. From the Sylhet city, only rent for microbus will be between Tk 2,000 and Tk 3,000. For a car, rent will be Tk 1,500 to Tk 2000. If the plan is for the whole day, you have to leave Sylhet early in the morning.

Besides, you can go to Sharighat by bus or leguna within 40 to 60 Taka. From Sharighat you can hire engine boat for 800 to 1500 Taka. There are arrangements of sitting at least 15 to 20 people in a boat. If you want to go by speedboat, rent will be 1500-2000 Taka.

Safety to follow:

Avoiding unrespecting accident is must to enjoy any travel. As there is a lot of water and dense forests, so you should maintain additional safety. If you do not know swimming, it is risky to get down to the water. Remember when you get down to the water, how deep is water. It is better not to go down in the water during the evening and night. Passing through a lonely area in the evening cannot always be safe. Must be careful about this.

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