Kuakata Sea Beach

Kuakata Sea Beach

Kuakata sea beach is one of most wonderful tourist attraction in Barisal Division. Kuakata could be a town identified for its scenic ocean beach. It Is that the most famous traveler destination within the country. Kuakata beach is a sandy expanse 18 kilometers long and 3 kilometers wide from the beach. Kuakata is legendary as a result of it’s referred to as Sagor Konnya (Daughter of Sea). The Gangamati reserve forest lies to the eastern point of the beach and the border of the Sundarban is to the western point. You can visit Kuakata to relish the superb read of nature. This view will blow your mind.

Kuakata sea beach is one of the infrequent places which has the unique beauty of offering the full view of the rising and setting of the sun in the water of the Bay of Bengal in a calm environment. That perhaps makes Kuakata one of the world’s amazing beaches
To enjoy the beauty of sunrise from the Kuakata beach one must wake up very early in the morning and at the evening of the day, you can enjoy the attractive sunset.

Kuakata is associate degree an awful combination of the natural beauty, white sandy beach, series of coconut trees, blue sky, a huge expanse of water of the Bay of Bengal and evergreen forest in surrounding areas are really mind-blowing. It’ll be an excellent pleasure taking tub or driving or just lazing there.

This beach, lined by coconut trees, could be a sanctuary for migratory winter birds. The Bay is usually alive with colorful sailboats, surf riding waves, lofty cliffs, fishing or simply walking on the beach. The elusive fantastic thing about Kuakata is simply gratifying and it’s unacceptable to explain the wonder of Kuakata in words. You ought to ne’er miss visiting there.

There is truly no public transport facilities in Kuakata sea beach and shut areas but some native buses and motorbikes. These bikes area unit the issue that produces Kuakata most special. Not solely you’ll use these bikes to rove around Kuakata however conjointly the drivers can act as your guide that is unbelievable. They will advocate all the places shut and might come to pick you up at your building. So before you produce any plans raise your administrator if you’d prefer to need a ride of motorbike

Try native food delicacies, overdone in their own totally different manner. You’ll get freshly caught raw fish like coral, poa, lakkha, prawn, hilsha, crabs and lobsters in most of the restaurants close to the main road. You will also find small barbecue stands near Lebur Chor 5 kilometers west from the main beach where they will cook fresh fish and crab in front of you and serve you on the beach. But, before buying anything, be sure about the price. First, confirm the price, and then place the order. You can buy coconuts at a very cheap price almost half the price of what you will be charged in Dhaka.

Some other Places in Kuakata you must not forget to:

Kuakata Fatrar chor
Gangamati reserve forest
Jhau Bon
Keranipara Seema Mandir
Misripara Buddhist Temple
Kuakata Eco Park
Narikel Bagan, Kuakata
Kuakata Shutki Polli
Lebur Chor, Kuakata

How to go there?

There are a few options available on hand:
You can go directly by Bus and it will take 8 hours
You can take a launch/Ship to Barishal and then take a bus to Kuakata, it will take 12 hours
You can take a launch/Ship to Patuakhali and then take a bus to Kuakata, It will take 12-13 hours

By Launch:

From Sadarghat a pair of or three vehicles launches to Patuakhali.
Starting Time: 5:30, 6:30 and seven pm
Arrival time in Patuakhali Launch Ghat: 6 am next morning
Vehicle Name: Sundarban, Saikat, Sattar Khan, Achol
Rent: Cabin (single) Tk. 350, (double) Tk. 600, (family) Tk.700 (VIP-AC) 1500
Deck Tk. 150
When you arrive Patuakhali, you’ll have your breakfast in any building near and attend the bus terminal by rickshaw. Native bus there’ll take Tk. sixty and direct bus can take Tk. eighty to require you to Kuakata beach by five and three 5 hours.

By Bus:

A direct BRTC public-service is currently obtainable from the capital of Bangladesh to Kuakata that starts from Sayedabad bus station at night. It’ll take twelve hours to reach Kuakata.
Direct itinerary from the capital of Bangladesh to Kuakata. “Sakura” prices around 500 to 600 Bangladeshi Taka. It leaves nightly at 10:30 from the Gabtoli bus station close to technical.

Where will you stay?

A number of hotels and resort are available nearby Kuakata beach to facilitate tourists. Such as:

Hotel Sand Beach
Hotel Sand Beach is located at Kuakata P/A, Kolapara, Patuakhali, Bangladesh. There are six categories of rooms are available at Hotel Sky Palace. Total variety of rooms are thirty-six. These are AC and Non AC Suite Room (total 2 rooms), AC and Non AC Couple bedroom and AC, Non AC Twin bedroom. Check-in time is 11:30 am and checkout time from hotel Sky palace is at 12:00 pm.

Address of Hotel: Kuakata Parjatan Area, Kolapara, Patuakhali, Bangladesh.

Phone Number: 01873-080080

Hotel Nilanjona Ltd.

Hotel Nilanjona is found at the opposite of Rakhain Mohila Market which besides the Agrani Bank, Kuakata. Total variety rooms throughout this building are fifty. There are six styles of room square measure obtainable at building Nilanjona. These square measure Family bed (Couple + Single), Couple bed, bed, and bed. Every kind of room has AC and Non AC facilities.

Address of Hotel: Opposite of Rakhain ladies Market, Kuakata, Patuakhali, Bangladesh.

Phone Number: 01712-927904

Hotel Kuakata Inn Int. Ltd

Hotel Kuakata Inn is located at Kuakata Parjatan area. Total variety of rooms in This Hotel is twenty-six. There are four types of rooms are available at Hotel Kuakata Inn. These are AC Deluxe (Family Room), AC Deluxe (Double Room), Economy (Family Room), and Economy (Double Room).

Address of Hotel: Kuakata Parjatan ambit, Kuakata, Patuakhali, Bangladesh.

Phone Number: +88 01750008177, +88 01944477356

Hotel Mohona International Ltd.

Hotel Mohona is located near Kuakata Parjatan Area. Hotel Mohona is Five-storied Building. Total variety of rooms in This Hotel is 33. There are six sorts of rooms are obtainable at building Mohona. These are the Family bed (Couple + Single), Couple bed, bed, and bed. 3 Couple Bed and a bed is air-conditioned.

Address of Hotel: Kuakata Parjatan Area, Kuakata, Patuakhali, Bangladesh.
Phone Number: +8801750095340

Hotel Banani Palace:

Hotel Banani Palace is absolutely an honest devote Kuakata with reference to lodging. Kuakata, in your space brought up as Sagar Kannya (Daughter of the Sea), is absolutely an uncommon broad class excellent the particular south suggestion related to the Asian country.

Address of Hotel Banani Palace: Kuakata P/A, Kolapara, Patuakhali, Barisal, Bangladesh.

Phone Number: 01713-674189


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