Madhupur National Park

Madhupur National Park

Madhupur National Park is one of the biggest national parks in Bangladesh. The location of the national park is in Madhapur Upazila of Tangail district, about 125 kilometers away from the capital Dhaka. It is about 47 kilometers distant from the district town of Tangail. The main attraction of this forest is Shalbon. It can be very easy to come and visit the forest from Dhaka within a day. There is no accurate information about the establishment period of Madhupur forest. But it is thought that it is a hundred years old forest. Sometimes it was ruled by the kings, or occupied by Zamindars.

But it came under forest department in 1962. Subsequently, under the Wildlife Act of 1974, Madhupur Forest was declared as National Park in 1982. Its area is approximately 84366 hectares. On the south side of the Madhupur National Park, the Bangshi River has flowed. The people of different aboriginal communities including Garo, Coach, Baman, live in around 187 villages in and around the park. Due to unique bio-diversity and enchanting landscapes, the parks are very suitable for eco-tourism. There are various recreational facilities in the park, including restroom, picnic spot an artificial lake.


There are 176 species of plants, including 73 species of trees, 22 species of shrubs, 1 species of palm trees, 8 species of grass, 27 species of climbers and 45 species of medicinal plants. Notable among these are Sal, Bahera, Amla, Hog Plum, Jiga, Vadi, Sacred Fig (Ashwath), Banyan, Rauvolfia (swarpogondha), Asparagus, Zuna, Bidha, Hargozha, Behula etc. Apart from this, some foreign species have been planted in various places in the plant horticulture area. Besides, there are many different species of plants in the forest.

Madhupur Forest was very rich once due to wild animals like elephants, tigers, leopards, peacock etc. But most of them are now extinct. At present, there are 190 species of animals found in Madhupur National Park, including 21 species of mammals, 140 species of birds and 29 species of reptiles and some species of amphibians. Among the mammals living in the forest are the Capped Langur (Mukhpora Honuman), Spotted Deer (Chitra Horin), Barking Deer (Maya Horin), different species of monkeys, wild pigs etc. are notable. Notable among the birds seen in the forest are the Struck Billed Kingfishers, Owl, the wood peacock, the forest cock and all common birds of Bangladesh.

In the middle of this forest, there are several deer in the deer breeding center near the Lahoria Forest Bit Office. There is a high observation tower beside it. The beauty of the forest can be enjoyed far beyond from the observation tower. Most Entellus is seen in this place.

For Tourists:

The main entrance to the Madhupur National Park on the left side of the highway in the Rasulpur Mazar area, about 5 kilometers away from Madhupur Upazila Sadar area. Madhupur National Park Range Office and Assistant Forest Conservator’s Office are here. From this place, you have to get permission to enter the forest. There are two forest rest houses called Jalui and Mahua. About five kilometers from the entrance of the park there is the Dokhala forest restroom. In this way, the beauty of the forest is very eye-catching. There can be a sudden sight of some wildlife in this way.

In addition to the Dokhla forest restroom, there are two cottages named Chuniya and Bakul. Apart from this, there are two picnic spots of Forest Department named Jui and Chameli. Some villages of indigenous tribes are located near here.

Another 9km from Rasulpur, there is another entrance to the forest. The name of the place is ‘Twenty-five Miles.’ The Dokhala Forest Range Office is located here. Permission of entrance also can be taken from here. However, it is better to use the road from Rasulpur into the forest to go to Dokhala. Because you can enjoy the beauty of the forest in this way.

How to go there?

The only way to go from Madhupur to Dhaka is by road. You can ride on the buses of Binimoy and Shuveccha transport from Mahakhali Bus Stand in Dhaka. The buses of this transport companies run from morning till evening. Rent 250-300 taka

where will you stay?

You can visit around the day from Madhupur National Park. There is also some middle-class residential hotel in Madhupur upazilla town. Your journey will be complete if you can stay in the rest houses of Forest Department. To stay at the night in Jalui, Mahua, Bakul, Chuniya Cottages and Dokhla Forest Restroom, you will have to ensure booking by contacting with Assistant Forest Conservator (North 01914517266) or Tangail Divisional Forest Office (0921-63524).

What to do on the Forest Tour:

Always wear light clothes and shoes and camouflage in the jungle. Take sunglasses, hat, umbrella, water bottles. If possible take the raincoat and gumboot with the trip to the rainy season. Take antipyretic cream to keep away from the insects and mosquito. Tuck the pants into the pouch to avoid the leech. You can take a telescope to see distant wildlife and birds. Keep the maximum silence while traveling in the jungle.

What to do on the Forest Tour:

Do not go to the jungle to picnic. For the picnic, there is separated picnic spot. Do not play music or high sound on a mike or loudspeakers. Don’t make any sounds that can be annoying wild animals. Don’t through the plastic packets, bottles, cans in the jungle. Do not smoke in the forest.

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