Shuktara Nature Retreat

Shuktara Nature Retreat

The Shuktara Nature Retreat is a wonderful resort located at the top of the hill of the Khidimnagar National Park in Sylhet. It is 7 kilometers away from Sylhet city. This resort can be reached by 1 km to the left from the Mazar gate of Shahparan (Rm). The resort has been built around 14 acres of land. Shuktatara Resort’s architecture and construction style are such that you will be completely mixed with nature. If you move towards Shuktara Nature Retreat on the road of tea garden, a green hillock will welcome you. The gate of the resort at one side below the hill. There is only a way to reach the top of the hill. On one side there is a Toy Train Line. When you see the beautiful cottages built on 50 feet above, your mind will be filled with joy.

At the bottom of the hill, you have to leave the car to go up. It is not allowed to take car above. There are a few steps stairs to go up to 50 feet high. There is nothing to fear if you do not want to go this way. On the other side is the Toy Train Line. By the train, you can reach the top of the high hill and reach the reception house. There are 11 cottages in the resort. The whole hill is covered with green. There are two parts on the top of the hill. The reception room is in the first part. Remembrances of the tradition of Sylhet, the people of the tea-population, including Manipuri, are on reception.

Upstairs, three stored Acacia restaurant will be seen. The second floor was arranged for meals. All delicious foods are available here in a different environment. There is a meeting room for approximately 40 people. There is also a common room in the third floor. Next to it, there is a library room. There you can find a lot of books on local history, heritage and travel in Sylhet. The bottom floor is a small home theater. Moreover, there is an open room with a roof made for the barbeque party. There are aesthetics and adequate light-air arrangements on each floor. There are also balconies. Really, there is a good arrangement of taking a deep breathes in the open air.

You have to get out of Acacia, on the eastern way. Here is your rest and stay room. An open place like a stage to be seen on the top. This is Bonac Court. Now you will be lost your mind by the great charm. The River Surma will be seen far away. Then you will see the rows of hill rises to the sky of Meghalaya range. The Tin made roof will give you another experience. On a rainy night, your staying will be memorable with your beloved ones. Nature can be enjoyed by sitting on the roof of the room. Famous sculptor Alok Roy has done some artwork for the aesthetic of the resort. There are some paintings and photographs of Young Star. On the night of the resort, Sylhet’s traditional Baul music and Manipuri dance will be held on the night. There will be local traditional delicious food on the food menu.

There are 11 cottages in the resort by the name of Naynatara, Varun, Shirish, Dolanachampa, Madhavi Lata, Kamini, Jasmine, Karbi, Shimul and Hijal. The chairs, tables, and everything in the house is made in accordance with the tradition of Sylhet. Every cottage is air-conditioned and there is an arrangement of hot water for 24 hours. Cottage residents can enjoy the wonderful views of the hills from the windows and the balcony.

There is a cottage where a sitting arrangement is placed to enjoy the view. It’s called “Shajher Maya”. By sitting there, the amazing scene of the hill tracks of Meghalaya on the northern border can be seen.

There are guides in the resort for the tourists coming to Shukatara. They will guide tourists to visit the different tea gardens of Sylhet, Jaintapur Rajbari, Lalakhal, Sari River, Jaflong, Piyan River, Tamabil-Dauki border, Madhavkunda waterfall and other places.

Resort Rental

You can stay here from 3500 to 8500 BDT. Any other days except Thursday, Friday and Saturday, the price will be 10% discounted on the price. You can find out more about Resort Cottage Rental from their website given below.

Contact Information

For more details please contact: 0821-2870994-5 and 01764543535
E-mail:, info @

How to go there?

From Dhaka, You can go to Sylhet directly by road, rail, and air. You can also go to Sylhet from the port city Chittagong. AC Buses of Green Line Transport, Sohagh Transport, Saudiya Transport go to Sylhet from Dhaka. These bus fares are 800 to 1000 Taka. Apart from this, non-AC buses of Shyamoli Transport, Hanif Enterprise, Saudia, Mamun Transport, Silkcom Transport etc. depart from Fakirapul, Kamlapur, Sayedabad, to Sylhet. Average rent in these buses is 300 to 500 Taka.

From Dhaka Kamalapur Intercity train Parabat Express departs on at 6:40 pm every day except Tuesday. The Jayantika Express departs at 2 pm daily and the Upaban Express departs at 9:50 pm every day of the week except Wednesday. Rent of AC berth 698 BDT, AC seat 460 BDT, first-class berth 425 BDT, first-class seat 270 BDT, sleeping class 460 BDT, Shovon chair 180 BDT, shovon 150 BDT, Shulov 95 BDT.

From Chittagong, the Paharika Express departs at 8 am every day except Monday and Udayan Express at 9 pm every day except Saturday. Rent of First class berth 465 BDT, first-class seat 320 BDT, Snigdha class 535 BDT, Shovon chair 210 BDT, suvon 190 BDT.

Apart from this, there are regular flights from Dhaka to Sylhet of Bangladesh Biman, United Airlines, and Regent Air.

From Sylhet city, you can go to the Shuktara Nature Retreat by CNG auto rickshaw within 150 to 200 taka.

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