Buddha Dhatu Jadi

Buddha Dhatu Jadi

The Buddha Dhatu Jadi is located at the Balghata Pool Para in Bandarban district. This temple is also known as Mahasukh Mandir or the Swarno Mandir (Golden Temple). Although there are no structures made of gold, yet it is known as the Golden Temple for the golden color of the temple. It is a beautiful pagoda made on the top of the high mountain. This is a sacred pilgrimage center for Buddhists in Bangladesh. Here many Buddhists from abroad come to see and pray. The Buddha Dhatu Jadi is the largest Buddhist temple in Bangladesh. Here is one of the best Buddhist Statue in the world built in the contemporary times of Gautam Buddha. This temple has been constructed at a cost of about Taka 10 crore.

This pagoda is one of the best Buddhist temples in South East Asia. On the hill, there is a small pond containing some water named Debota Pukur (Pond of God). The Buddha Dhatu Jadi currently occupies one of the important tourist attractions of Bandarban district. Construction style of this pagoda is based on the Buddhist temples of Myanmar, China, and Thailand. You can also see this Jadi or Golden Temple once in Bandarban tour. From this pagoda, beautiful surroundings of Balghata tow and its surrounding areas are seen. This pagoda is a modern religious architecture. Fairs are held every year at specific times in this pagoda. Pagoda is open to the worshipers all day. Although there was a ban on traveling to the temple for ordinary visitors a few days ago, now the Golden Temple has been opened for visitors.

Visiting Time

This pagoda is open all day for the worshipers. If you want to visit this Buddha Dhatu Jadi, then it should be 8:30 am to 11:30 pm. If you do not want to go in the morning, you can go between 12:45 pm and 6:00 pm.
Ticket Price: 20 BDT per person.

How to go there?

Buses are available from different places of Dhaka to Bandarban. You will find Buses of Different transports like S. Alam, Saudia, St.Martin Transport, Unique, Hanif, Shyamoli, Dolphin etc. left for the Bandarban. The fares of these buses are for non-AC service 500 BDT to 550 BDT and for AC services 950 BDT to 1500 BDT. It takes 8-10 hours to go from Bandarban bus to Dhaka.

If you want to go by train, you can go by Chittagong going train Sonar Bangla, Subarno Express, Turna Nishita, Mahanagar Godhuli From Dhaka Railway Station to Chittagong. Rent between different classes ranged from 350 to 1200 BDT.

Apart from this, you can go directly from Dhaka to Chittagong by air.

Two buses named Pubali and Purbani are scheduled for the purpose of Bandarban from Badderhat in Chittagong. These two buses cost Tk 220 per person. Bandarban can be reached on a bus for 200-300 rupees from Dhampara bus stand in Chittagong. The way to go to Bandarban to the Buddha Dhatu Jadi is to go to the Temple by hiring CNG auto rickshaw or Chander gari / Jeep from Bandarban. It will cost 300-700 BDT only to get to the Goolden Temple. But tourists usually reserve cars to visit the nearby places of Bandarban, such as Nilgiri, Nilchal, Chimbuk, Shaiopropat, Meghla, etc. You will be able to reserve cars according to your trip plan, schedule and what you will see. If you want to see Nilachol, Meghla, and Buddha Dhatu Jadi together, then for the 6-8 seat jeep will cost 1000-1200 BDT, 1200-1500 BDT for Chander Gari, 500-800 BDT for CNG auto rickshaws.

Before fixing the rental price, describe the driver clearly what and where you will visit. And of course, you will do bargain while fixing rent. You have to pay 20-30 toll on the road to go to the Golden Temple.

Where will you stay?

There are numerous resorts, hotels, motels and rest houses in Bandarban where you can spend the night for 600 to 3000 BDT.

Holiday in Resort: The Holiday In Resort is located on the small hilltop opposite the Meghla Tourist Complex. Here are a few small cottages. Phone 0361-628896.

Hotel Four Star: Hotel Four Star located in Bandarban town. There are two types of AC and non AC rooms. Every room in the hotel has television. Phone 0361-62466.

Hotel Three Star: It is located beside Bandarban bus stop. It can have 8/10 people, a flat of 4 beds. Cost for every Non AC flat – 2500 BDT and for AC Flat – 3000 BDT. For Booking you can contact the owner Manik Chowdhuri over the phone: 01553421089/018137878731. He is also the owner of Hotel Four Star.

Hotel River View: This hotel is located in the natural surroundings of the Sangu River. There is also its own restaurant. Phone 0361-629707.

You can stay at the Nilachal Escape Resort if you want. There are six rooms in three cottages on the Nilachal Escape Resort. The rent of each room is Tk 3,000. Besides, the authority offers good quality food for the guests. Contact: 01777765789.

There is also a beautiful rest house named Meghla Tourism Center owned by the district administration. Your vacation can be enjoyed well here. There are four rooms for staying at the night. Rent of every room is 2500 BDT (daily). Anyone can call for bookings- 0361-622741 and 0361-62274.

Remember, the rent depends on the time you are going to. Rent may be higher as tourists are more frequent in December-February and public holidays. If you go on a holiday and December-February time period, you can book a hotel room in advance to avoid trouble.

In off-season, there is a 20-50% discount on rent. There are also numerous resorts, hotels, motels and rest houses, where you can easily stay a night by 500 to 3 thousand BDT.

Where to eat?

Bandarban town has some hotels with the medium quality for tourists’ food. From there you can eat at your favorite food. Among them, Tajing Dong Cafe, Meghdoot Cafe, Food Place Restaurant, Ruposhi Bangla Restaurant, Ri Samang, Kalapati Restaurant etc. are popular for food.

Few more suggestions:

  • Suitable time to visit the Buddha Dhatu Jadi is in the afternoon. In the light of the afternoon sun, the temple occupies a strange beauty.
  • After 6 pm, the temple cannot be entered for visitors.
  • You can’t enter the temple wearing short pants or lungi. So keep in mind while traveling.
  • It is forbidden to enter the temple wearing shoes.
  • Follow the monastic precaution before and after entering the temple.

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