Zinda Park

Zinda Park

Zinda Park is located in Daudpur union of Rupganj Upazila of Narayanganj district. It is one of the most beautiful and attractive very nearby parks in Dhaka. You can go to the Zinda Park for release from the racket traffic congestions of Dhaka. The park is not a government enterprise. Again, it is not of any commercial organization.  The park was established by financing a social organization called “Agraprotik Palli Samiti”. It’s starting in 1980 with 5000 members. Zinda Park’s area is approximately 150 acres. Ir’s amazing park of Narayanganj district. Here you’ll find many things and also you can fresh your mind. Basically, the park is one of the most natural beauty places of Narayanganj.

The park has more than 10,000 trees and plants in 250 species. There are 5 reservoirs, with vast areas. The park has become one of most tourist destinations in the country and foreign tourists because of numerous birds and everything.

Currently, this park is the source of employment for about 4000 people. At present, Zinda village is also called an ideal village. Entry tickets – 100 Taka. Zinda Park is a very popular place for family picnic. There are good arrangements for car parking. The prohibition stays on the park after Maghrib’s Azan. The park is open seven days a week.

How to go there?

The distance of Zinda Park from Dhaka is 37 km. From Dhaka has been arrive Kachpur bridge by bus and from there bypassing the Kanchan Bridge, it is easily possible to come to Zinda Park. Or go to Zinda Park via Bypass road through Tongi Mir Market. Zinda Park from Tongi is 28 km away. It is easy to go by Kuril Biswarod’s Purbachal Highway. Take rent 30-40 Tk to Zinda Park via the Laguna.

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