Dumlong Mountain

Dumlong Mountain

Dumlong Mountain is located on Rangamati District of Bangladesh. Here you’ll know much more effective information about Dumlong Mountain. A private travel organization in Dhaka, Jarmin GPS (Global Positioning System), measuring the height of the mountain and claiming it as the second highest mountain in the country. But it’s actually in the third position mountain of Bangladesh. It is located in the Bilaichari Upazila of south-eastern in Rangamati district of Bangladesh. The height of the mountain is 1,010 meters or 3,315 feet. It is the highest mountain in Rangamati district. And country’s height of 1000 meters it’s one of the 3 mountains.

Among the park Mountain, you can see the game of clouds! It is sometimes hidden among the clouds. It’s so attractive and amazing mountain in Bangladesh. After traveling the highest peak of Bangladesh, now starting visit on the park Mountain by the country’s adventure lovers. Because The mountain is excellent beauty in Bangladesh. It has three peaks, the northern peak, the western peak and the main peak. It is wild hills. Before going the mountain, you should be using malaria medicine. And you should also be prepared for rain for any time.

How to go there?

Although Dumlong is in Bilaichari of Rangamati district, you can easily contact with people here from Ruma Bazar of Bandarban district. Because takes a lot of time to go to Bilaichari, and it takes only one day to go to Ruma. From Bandarban to Ruma Bazar Boga lake goes to Pukurpara. There is Dumlong Mountain located. From there among one day you can come back to get up Dumlong mountain.

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