Mohera Jamidar Bari

Mohera Jamidar Bari

There are many Jamidar Bari in Bangladesh. Mohera Jamidar Bari is one of the most important and attractive Jamidar Bari. Mohera Jamidar Bari is very beautiful and wonderful among all the landlords of Bangladesh. Now it is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Tangail. Every day there are coming many tourists visiting this wonderful landlord house. Due to being very close to Dhaka, its popularity is much more and many local foreign tourists come here. From Dhaka, in one day you can visit this landlord house. There are also small parks, zoos, boat rides and picnic spots etc.

Mohera Jamidar Bari is one of the few historic establishments, its located on Tangail District of Bangladesh. Before the 1890s, the zamindar House was founded on the basis of the Spanish city of Cordova. During the war of liberation in 1971, the Pak army attacked the Mohera Jomidar Bari. And killing five villagers, including Kollbudhu of the landlord house, were brutally shot dead. Later, they left the country on the river of Lohazang and left for India. The camp was set up in this Jomidar Bari. In 1972, the initiative was taken to establish the Jamidar house as a police training school. And police training school was upgraded to the Police Training Center in 1990.

Mohera Jamidar bari civilization and an invaluable monument of tradition. In front of the zamindar house, there is a huge tank named ‘Vishakha Sagar’. There are two beautiful gates to enter the house. The Pasura pond and queen pond have behind the building. Here have beautiful flower gardens. It is made up of three main structures. Each of the three deployments has a unique design. The main three buildings are Maharaj Lodge, Anand Lodge, Chowdhury Lodge.

Choudhury lodge: While entering Mohera Jamidar house, first of all, Chowdhury Lodge will be in front of the building. The pink-colored building has huge green grounds. There is also a green garden and children’s playground in front of this building. And there is a pillar made of Roman style in front of the building.

Anand Lodge: Anand Lodge is the most attractive building in the Mohera Jamidar Bari. This building has been very attractive by white and blue colors. There is a huge garden in front of this building and there are many types of birds and animals and statues in the garden.
Maharaj Lodge: Maharaj Lodge is the biggest and most attractive building in the Mohera Jamidar Bari. There are 6 columns in front of this building and 12 rooms. There are hanging verandas, which are used as shooting spots.
Besides, there are also more significant buildings Kalicharan Lodge, Prayer Temple, Naib Bhawan, Kachari Bhawan.

The Entry price of Mohera Jamidar Bari is 50 taka.

How to go there?

Every day many buses from Mohakhali in Dhaka go to Tangail. Binimoy Bus, Nirala Bus, Dhowlessory Bus, Jhotika Bus is going to Tangail. These buses will have to go to Natiyapara bus stand. Rent is 150-180 taka. From here you can easily go to Mohera Jamidar bari vai CNG or Rickshaw. 3 kilometers away is Mohera Zamindar’s house from Natiyapara Bus Stand. And those who come from North Bengal will cross the Tangail on any Dhaka-bound bus after 17km you find Natiyapara Bus Stand. And then you can easily go to Mohera Jamidar Bari.

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