Hazrat Shah Jalal Majar

Hazrat Shah Jalal Majar

Shāh Jalāl ad-Dīn al-Mujarrad al-Naqshbandi (1271 CE – 15 March 1346 CE), is a celebrated Sufi Muslim figure in Bengal. Hazrat Shahjalal (rah) was a famous saint and peer of the subcontinent. Hazrat Shahjalal (rah) is lying in the heart of Tylah in the middle of the city Sylhet. The arrival of Sylhet 360 with the visit of Shahjalal is a significant event in history. After his death, he was buried in Sylhet. Jalal’s name is associated with the spread of Islam into north-eastern Bengal through Sufism, part of a long history of travel between the Middle East, Persia, Central Asia and South Asia. According to a tablet inscription found in Amberkhana, he arrived at Sylhet in 1303 CE. The largest airport in Bangladesh, Hazrat Sha Jalal International Airport, is named after him.

Thousands of people come to Sylhet every day, regardless of religion and color, from Hazrat Shahjalal (rah) to the Mazarjeirat. There is a well near the shrine of Shahjalal. The location of this cappasuna and silver colored fish can be seen. The well around the well gets flowing water. If you go to the west side of the shrine to see the shower. Fountain water is sold by bottle filling.

There are three large dixies inside the house. They were donated by Mir Murad of Dhaka. Cooking is not cooked in the panels. The devotees donate a lot of money to the deities for the good of the devotees. The small house of the grillaghera star on the south side of the Mazar is the small house of Shahjalal Chillamahala. Space is only two feet wide. It is said – Hazrat Shahjalal spent 23 years of his life in this Chillakhana.

Hazrat Shah Poran Majar

Shah Paran was an Islamic saint and Sufi of the Jalalia section of the Suhrawardiyya order. He was the nephew of Shah Jalal and was born in Hadramaut, Yemen, and accompanied his uncle, Shah Jalal, with whom he arrived in India in 1303 AD. He is associated with the spread of Islam in the region of what is now Bangladesh. He took part in the expedition of Sylhet which was led by Shah Jalal. After the conquest of Sylhet, he established a khanqah at Khadim Nagar in Dakshingarh Pargana, about 7 km away from Sylhet town. He played a significant role in propagating Islam and establishing Muslim rule in what is now the Sylhet region.

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