Top 10 E-commerce websites in Bangladesh

Top 10 E-commerce Websites in Bangladesh

There are many E-commerce sites in Bangladesh. E-commerce in Bangladesh is growing day by day. People are feeling comfortable with shopping from these E-commerce sites in Bangladesh. But, which is the best online shopping sites in Bangladesh? The answer to this question wants to know much people in Bangladesh. At present most people in Bangladesh prefer shopping form online. Now if you want to buy from home any products you can find a lot of E-commerce site in Bangladesh and then you can easily buy any products that you need.

Today in this article you’ll know complete information about top 10 E-commerce site in Bangladesh. Then you could increase your concept and will know much more effective data about Bangladesh Online shopping sites. As a result, you can easily choose your online shopping site and buy any product. So let’s start read this article.


01. is one of the largest online shopping sites in all E-commerce sites of Bangladesh. There are huge products in is such a websites where you can buy or sell all things. Generally the best deals are with your city or people in your area, so is easy to sell locally. First of all you should select your area. As a result easily buy or sell any products that you need. Its take less than 2 minutes to post ads on You can sing up for free account and always post adds easily. Here you can sell or buy more than 50 categories.

02. is one of the fastest growing online shopping marketplaces in south Asia. It’s started in March 2015 in Bangladesh. is also the largest online shopping site in Bangladesh. You can buy here much more products that you need. Basically, provides electronics, fashion and home’s products. has much reputation. It’s also provides the best services and first of all their main goal is customer satisfaction. Any products that they sell try to reach customer quickly. is owned by CDC group. You can easily buy any products via the debit cards, credit cards, Bank delivery, Bkash and cash on delivery.

03. has ranked 3rd among all online shopping sites in Bangladesh. Main language of this site is Bengali. Here you can find much daily necessary things products. And easily buy products that you need. Here all buyers of all ages are bought from house products, gadgets, electronics, household appliances, leather goods, jewelry, kid’s accessories, cosmetics, and fashion and lifestyle products at very affordable prices. There are lots facilities for payment system. Anytime from anywhere in Bangladesh, online shoppers order their preferred product through the Internet and today decide offers buyers delivering buyers across Bangladesh in their own management.

04. has ranked 4th among whole e-commerce site in Bangladesh. It’s one of the most trust-able e-commerce sites in Bangladesh. They provide their products to the customer very quickly. It’s started in January 2013. It’s always faster, easier and joyous.

05. especially sells much more different books. Here you’ll find lots of books that you want. is the name of a family. The family members who dream of building a different kind of Bangladesh. They try to sell that all the essentials and favorite books are available from online at home. As a result, most of the people easily can buy any books. was established on 19 January 2012.

06. is the largest virtual shopping mall in Bangladesh. have many products and it’s trying to increase their services among all people in Bangladesh. There are much more opportunities for the customer. Any online customer easily can buy all things. With the increasing community of internet and online customer trying growing their products day by day and provides to online customer high-quality products. Their customer services team is ready to answer any question 9 AM to 10 PM. There is easier payment system. That’s why many people of Bangladesh can easily buy all things that need. They are trying to develop policies and payment methods to make your buying process easier than ever. There are online payment bKash, Payza and Cash on Delivery make the buying process much flexible.


There are many types of products in Anywhere in Bangladesh can buy all types of products from There are lots of opportunities in for online customers, such as customer can easily return the products to the delivery person when the delivery is being made. For satisfaction, to the online customer, they provide high-quality products at lower prices and quick delivery. There is much payment system such as bKash, DBBL Mobile banking, credit card/ debit card, Bank deposit, and Payza. That’s why most of the online customer can easily buy any products.

08. is also largest e-commerce site in Bangladesh. is such an online market that gives variety products. Whole people of Bangladesh can buy anythings products. is web-based virtual platform that provides cloth of high brands. Their primary focus is customer satisfaction, that’s why they always try to give their best services. It’s certain services to its users so that they can use this website as a common zone of selling or purchasing their lawful or permitted products. If you open this site, then you can easily realize how much the big online market in Bangladesh.

09. is an e-commerce website in Bangladesh. They are trying to do all the things a little bit differently. They sell the best products and high quality products, so that online customer becomes satisfaction. Because of they will try to gain and make popular e-commerce website and largest sites in Bangladesh. sells only original covering any types of products. It is not only e-commerce Company, are also very extra comfort while you shop online with this market. There are also much more facilities for giving payment.

10. is also largest online e-commerce websites in Bangladesh. It’s online shop in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Especially they provide daily necessary things. For longtime traffic, jam they give high-quality product quickly. They try to maintain valuable time online customer. They actually give their best services for reaching online customer products or anything that they buy this online shop. They will continue to invest all our effort in pushing the boundaries of technology in Bangladesh.

How to buy products from these online markets?

How to buy any products from these online markets? First of all, you should go to your web browser and type online markets name such as,, and etc. Then you should register on these online marketplaces, click on SING IN and type in your email address and password to LOG IN. If you are registered on these marketplaces. Then you can read all rules and privacy for knowing something. I hope if you read all things about buy system on these online market and then you can easily buy all things that you need.

Top 10 E-commerce websites in Bangladesh
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