Top 10 Richest man in Bangladesh – 2018

There are many richest man in Bangladesh. In this article, we’ll know much more effective data and full details about the top richest man in Bangladesh. So let’s start read this article and increase your knowledge.

01. Salman F Rahman
02. Moosa Bin Shamsher
03. Tarique Rahman
04. Sajeeb Wazed Joy
05. Abdul Hossain
06. Ahmed Shobhan
07. Azam J Chowdhury
08. Gaisuddin Mamun
09. Ragib Ali
10. Iqbal Ahmed

01. Salman F Rahman

Salman F Rahman is at the first position in the list of top rich people in Bangladesh. Salman F Rahman is an owner of Beximco Group, the country’s largest private sector company. The Bangladesh Export-Import Company (Beximco) started its journey in 1972. The company now has annual revenue of approximately 838 million dollars. The company has offices in many cities around the world. Salman F Rahman established Beximco Group as the largest corporate company in Bangladesh. By using his talent, he gradually turned the company into an international brand. Now more than 55 thousand employees are employed in Beximco group. Beximco Company exports products to 43 countries worldwide. Salman F Rahman is currently the Vice Chairman of Beximco Group.
He has been ranked as a Bangladeshi for the first time in the list of world’s wealthiest people. According to the Hurun Global Rich report of 2017, Salman F Rahman was ranked 1685th in 2257 billionaires. He is the first Bangladeshi in this list. Huron Global Rich said that Salman F Rahman’s assets amount to about 1.3 billion US dollars. However, Salman F Rahman said that this amount can be the property of Beximco Group, but it is not a personal wealth account. According to Salman, there are valuable resources worth 5.5 billion US dollars and he is top of the list of 10 top rich people in Bangladesh.

He is also currently IFIC Bank and Abahani Limited and Chairman. Along with that he also owns an English daily newspaper “The Independent and Independent Television”. In November 2016 Salman F Rahman was appointed as the adviser to the ruling Awami League president Sheikh Hasina’s private development sector. During the 2007-2008 military-backed caretaker government, Rahman had to remain in jail for almost two years. Mr. Rahman said Beximco is now following the policy of strengthening their core business as well as investing in various profitable companies. Salman F Rahman has come forward for the help of helpless Rohingyas and has provided food for relief and distributed clothes among about 4000 families. And he also is joining in more social activities.

02. Mossa Bin Shamsher

Musa Bin Shams (or, “Prince Musa”) is a Bangladeshi businessman and industrialist, which is considered to be the father of manpower export of Bangladesh. Musa was born on 15 October 1945 in a respected Muslim family of Faridpur (now Bangladesh) of East Pakistan. He also received extensive contacts in the 1970s and 1980s as an arms supplier. Currently, he is serving as the Chairman of Datco Group. Musa started Business at the young age. In his first business life, Datco named the big business company. Musa was known as a dictator of the country’s manpower export.

Musa Bin Shamsher is the richest person of Bangladesh and ranked at second place with an estimated net worth of US $ 1.5 billion.
In 1998, the title of ‘Man with the Golden Guns’ in the world of London’s Sunday Telegraph on May 17 highlighted a wealthy Bangladeshi billionaire. In 2010, he again stepped up in the western world. He again talked about the seven billion dollars stuck in the Swiss bank. The bank authorities have seized the accounts. It has been said that Musa bin Shamsher’s ‘irregular transaction’. Prince Musa in 1994, his friend expressed his interest to donate 50 million pounds to the Trinidadian fundamentalist leader (later Prime Minister) Tony Blair’s election funding in the world conference. Being a foreigner, Tony Blair did not accept the grant. Talking about building the Padma Bridge alone itself. In the Padma, the government informed the government about nothing to do with the $ 3 billion investment. Talking about building the Padma Bridge alone itself. In the Padma, the government informed the government about nothing to do with the $ 3 billion investment.

03. Tarique Rahman

Tarique Rahman’s assets amount to 1.5 billion US dollars and he is third in the list of 10 richest people in Bangladesh.
Tareque Rahman is a Bangladeshi politician now he is the Senior Vice Chairperson of Bangladesh Nationalist Party. Tarique Rahman was born on November 20, 1967, in Karachi, Pakistan. His father Ziaur Rahman was one of the organizers of Bangladesh’s liberation war and former President and mother Begum Khaleda Zia, the three elected Prime Minister of Bangladesh.
Tarique Rahman, Dhaka Residential Model College, secondary and higher secondary passed Notre Dame College. But in other sources, it is known that Tarique Rahman studied in the BF Shaheen School of the capital, but in 1981 SSC exam was given from Government Laboratory School. Dhaka University in 1984 he was admitted to the Law Department and later in the Department of Public Administration. But he could not finish his graduation. He chose the profession as a business investment in the textiles and marine communications. At present, Tarique Rahman is reading the jurisprudence at a university in London.

04. Sajeeb Wazed Joy

Sajeeb Ahmed Wazed is a Bangladeshi ICT consultant and political personality. Joy was born during the liberation war of Bangladesh in 1971. His date is born 27 July 1971. His father MA Wazed Miah, a prominent nuclear scientist and mother, Sheikh Hasina, is the present Prime Minister of Bangladesh.
Sajeeb Wajed Joy takes help from his mother to establish Business. That’s why the source of its income is controversial and questionable. Sajeeb Wajed has a wealth of assets worth 1 billion US dollars and he is the fourth richest person in Bangladesh.
In 1975, after the death of his grandfather, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Joy took a political asylum in India, Germany, and in London with his mother. As a result, he spent his childhood and adolescence in India. After graduating from St. Joseph College, Nainital, then he graduated from Computer Science from the University of Texas at Arlington in the United States. Afterward, he received a Master’s degree in Public Administration from Harvard University. Currently, he is living locally in the United States of Virginia. Joy married a US citizen, Anne Overman, on October 26, 2002. They have a daughter child. On February 25, 2010, Joy was given the primary membership of Rangpur district Awami League.

05. Ahmed Akbar Sobhan

Ahmed Akbar Sobhan is a prominent Bangladeshi businessman and industrialist. Ahmed Akbar Sobhan was born on 15 February 1952 in a respectable family of Islampur Old Dhaka. His father, Alhaj Abdus Sobhan, was a lawyer of the Dhaka High Court and his mother was Umme Kulasum. He earned his graduation from the Department of Business Studies of Dhaka University. Ahmed Akbar Sobhan was a good sportsman and among the classmates among the best students in the student’s life.
Ahmed Akbar Sobhan owns nearly 600 million dollars. He is the 5th richest man in Bangladesh. He is the Chairman of Bashundhara Group, the country’s leading industrial firm. This businessman with a visionary and visionary established Bashundhara Group to integrate the industry and trade sector. Bashundhara Group has a huge investment in the media sector. The four leading media houses of the country (Daily Kaler Kantho, Bangladesh Daily, Daily Sun and are owned by this group.

06. MA Hashem

MA Hashem is a prominent businessman and politician. He was born in Noakhali district. This son of Noakhali, Chairman of the leading entrepreneur, a former member of Partex Group and United Commercial Bank. He was also former BNP minister. Who built the house at a cost of 250 crores of Taka, in Dhaka city. Design and engineers all come from France. His total wealth is 500 million dollars. He is the 6th richest person in Bangladesh. Partex Group is one of the largest industries in Bangladesh. It started in 1959 with the hand of industrialist MA Hashem. Their business started with tobacco products. Hashem Sahib is the Chairman of United Commercial Bank and Chairman of City Bank of one son. The rest are directors of these two banks.

07. Azam J Chowdhury

Azam J Chowdhury was born in Hossainpur village of Kulaura Upazila in Moulvibazar district. Azam J Chowdhury’s full name is Azam Jahangir Chowdhury. He passed SSC from Nalin Chandra High School of Kulaura and after attended Sylhet MC College. Afterward, he did his masters in English from Dhaka University. He devoted himself completely to business in 1981.
Azam J Chowdhury’s total assets amount to 410 million dollars. He is the 7th richest man in Bangladesh. He is the owner of East Coast Group. He is Chairman of Prime Bank, as well as Chairman of Consolidated T & Lands Company Bangladesh and Bangladesh Trade Syndicate. He is also the director of English daily News Today and Ekushey TV. He has been contributing significantly to the energy sector of the country for more than three decades.

08. Giasuddin Al Mamun

Giasuddin Al Mamun is a corrupted Bangladeshi businessman and close business partner of Tarique Rahman. He is the friend of Tarek Zia. He is the real estate, hotel and media businessman. He faces accusations of corruption in Bangladesh. Mamun was sued by Bangladesh Anti-Corruption Commission for acquiring 1 billion taka beyond his known source of income in May 2007. In 2009 he was sued by Anti-corruption commission on the charge of laundering 204 million taka to Singapore.
At present Giasuddin Al Mamun’s total assets amount to 400 million dollars. He is the 8th richest person in Bangladesh.

09. Ragib Ali

Ragib Ali is a social worker, industrialist, and educator in Sylhet district. Ragib Ali was born Biswanath Upazila in Sylhet. Her mother’s name is Rabeya Banu. He studied at Raja GC School.
Ragib Ali is the current proprietor of the old tea garden of the subcontinent, the Malianichara tea garden. He is a successful Businessman in the production of tea. He is Chairman of South East Bank. His total assets amounted to 300 million dollars. Ragib Ali is the 9th richest person in Bangladesh.
Ragib Ali is the founder and entrepreneur of several educational institutions. He is an entrepreneur and member of the Trustee Board of the Private University North South University. He is also one of the founders of South East University. He established Jalalabad Ragib-Rabeya Medical College and University Leading in Sylhet, the first private-owned medical college in Sylhet.

10. Iqbal Ahmed

Iqbal Ahmed was born in Balaganj, in Sylhet division of Bangladesh. In 1971, at the age of 15, he went to the United Kingdom. He studied at Westminster City College. To increase the trade, his brother Kamal and Bilal joined the business. Iqbal Ahmed, a British entrepreneur born in Bangladesh, lives in Manchester.
After the success of the shrimp business, he has two companies, Simark and Ebako Shipping, Hotels and Real Estate also achieved success. Both of his companies made him one of the wealthy. At present Iqbal Ahmed’s total assets amount to about 400 million dollars. He is the 10th richest person in Bangladesh. Since 1992, Iqbal Ahmad is the CEO of Simark Group. The organization he founded with his brothers.

Top 10 Richest man in Bangladesh – 2018
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