Sreemangal Tea Garden

Sreemangal Tea Garden

For tea garden, the famous Sreemangal Upazila is situated in Moulvibazar district. Sreemangal is situated 20 kilometers south of Moulvibazar district headquarters in the north-east Sylhet division of the country. And Sreemangal Upazila has located 190 kilometers away from Dhaka. Sreemangal has the highest rainfall and winter due to the hills and thick forests. As a result of this, there are 38 tea gardens in Sreemangal. There are also many pineapples and lemon cultivated here. The only tea research center in Bangladesh is located in Sreemangal. The second tea auction center of Bangladesh was launched in Sreemangal. Sreemangal is the coldest place in Bangladesh.

Sreemangal is famous for tea-garden, almost everyone knows about it. But the beauty of Sreemangal for tea garden, how much, who knows? Due to Green nature’s beauty, Sreemangal has the Separate identity. Not only in the local tourist in Bangladesh, there are coming also foreign tourists. Because this is the best attractive tourist place in Sylhet division and popular tourist place in Bangladesh. Every year there are going many tourists for visiting. As a result, Sreemangal’s tourist center has become one most tourist place in Bangladesh. There is getting the most Generate tea in the country. The capital of tea is called of Sreemangal. Sreemangal is the oldest tea research center in the subcontinent, after Assam, India. There are so many tourists who come to see.

The leaf and the bustling this Sreemangal is surrounded by hills and tea gardens and is always an ideal place for travelers. The charming beauty of many tea gardens here attracts tourists. The world’s largest tea gardens are situated in Sreemangal. This natural beauty of the Sreemangal of the tea capital and animals wandering makes fascinated easily to your mind. When you go to the miles and miles through tea garden then you will feel as if all the beauty of the world has been in front of you. Tea garden means one of the extravagant fascinations an existence. Tea Garden means on all side green beauty. Tea garden means joy, adventure, and romance. There are many tourist places in Sreemangal. But, tea-gardens seem to be the biggest attraction for the common traveler in Sreemangal. There are 38 tea gardens in this Upazila many of which have passed hundreds of years. Tea cultivation begins commercially in this region almost 150 years ago. Generally, the tea season starts from the month of May and it’s until October. At this time the gardens are green-fresh. If you want to visit of these places, then you should go this time.

How to go there?

Sreemangal can be gone 2 ways by bus or train from Dhaka. But if you go to the bus, you will reach fast then from the train if the road is empty. Many buses go to Sreemangal from Arambagh, Fakirapul, Mohakhali and Sayedabad bus terminals of Dhaka. There are numerous buses such as Hanif transport, Shyamoli transport, Sohag Transport, Saudia transport, unique transport and Ruposhi Bangla transport. The rent will be around 400-600 taka.

The safest and comfortably can go to Sreemangal from Dhaka by train. Jayantika Express, Parabat Express, Waban Express, and Sylhet Mail trains regularly go from Kamalapur to Sylhet. You have to go to Srimangal station. The train rent will be around 300-400 (Snigdha), 270 (decorative chair), 200 (cheap).

Where you’ll stay?

There are many hotel/resort in Sreemangal district. Sreemangal food costs very little. Almost all types of restaurants are in the city. Seven colors of tea are the most interesting. There are rice, lentils, chicken meat, duck meat, and fun meats with meat.

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