Meghna Porjoton Centre

Meghna Porjoton Centre

Although the name is Meghna, there is no relation to the cloud with Meghna Porjoton center. Meghna tourist center located beside the Bandarban-Keranihat road in Bandarban city. That is, the Meghna tourist area is located 5 km from before the entrance to the town of Bandarban. It is surrounded by beautiful high-low mountain lakes. The green trees and the lake’s clean water the tourist attracts took closer to nature every time.

There are several amusement facilities in Meghna Porjoton center- Shishupark, Safari Park, Cable Car and Tea Garden. There are also paddle boats in the water, as well as mini zoo on the ground. Here is the green nature, Lake’s transparent water. And on the top of the mountain, you can see the scenic view of Bandarban. Bandarban Tourism Hotel of Bangladesh Tourism Corporation is located next to the Meghna tourism spot. There are green carpets, Meghna tourist center. The entry fee for the Meghna Tourist Complex is Tk 20 and for parking 150-200 taka.

How to go there?

Firstly, you have to go to Bandarban town from any places in Bangladesh. Many buses directly go to Bandarban city from Dhaka. Such as Hanif transport, Greenline transport, Shyamoli transport, unique transport, SM transport, all of these buses daily directly go to Bandarban city from Dhaka. Rent is around 600-1200 Tk. Then you can go easily go to Meghna Porjoton center from Bandarban bus stand. There are public bus and Zip go to Meghna Porjoton Center.

Where you’ll stay?

There are many residential hotels/resorts in Bandarban. But, if you want to stay here, can stay easily for the night. There is District administration has a beautiful rest house in the tourist center of Meghna. Here you can be the stay safely. There are four rooms for stay the night. Every room is 2500 Tk.

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