Jadipai waterfall

Jadipai Waterfall

Jadipai Waterfall is located in Ruma Upazila of Bandarban district. On one side there is a huge ‘Keokradong’ mountain and another side has the country’s most beautiful indigenous village ‘Passing Para’. The tallest village in Bangladesh is ‘Passing Para’. This village is situated over the clouds, when there are enough rains in the rainy season, then there is no rain in the area, rain starts from the bottom of ‘Passing para’. From here on, sunrise and sunset are seen simultaneously. Jadipai Para is situated at the bottom of ‘Passing Para’. If you look at Jadipai para above ‘Passing para’ it would seem like a small village where the sleeping green trees. More than 30 minutes from Jadipai Para walk on you will reach Jadipai waterfall. The second highest peak from Keokradong hills of Bangladesh takes two hours to walk to the Jadipai Falls.

It is one of the widest waterfalls of Bangladesh. For this reason, this waterfall is one of the most interesting waterfalls in Bangladesh. Water flow in the rainy season increases than the other times of the year. In the rainy season, people from all parts of the country come to see Jadipai Waterfall. There are high hills and greens on around sides. Impossible beauty Jadipai waterfall is one of the most attractive among many waterfalls of Bangladesh. The waterfall is so different from all other fountains of Bangladesh. In the rainy season, having to drink a few tons of water in seconds due to it seems more interesting than another season. Water falling from the head of the hill about 200ft. The real beauty of Jadipai waterfall is during the rainy season.

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