Haja Chora Waterfall

Haja Chora Waterfall

Haja Chora Waterfall is located in the Sajek union of Baghaichari Upazila of Rangamati district. It is a natural mountain waterfall. The fountain has become very attractive especially to tourist of Sajek. A wonderful place Haja Chora Waterfall fountain to see hang out among Sajek Valley. This fountain is very popular with the tourists by the 10th street of Baghaichari Upazila. The 15-minute walk from the road can be reached on foot in the fountain. It’s excellent and gorgeous waterfall. Cold water the waterfall and the street surrounded by greenery that has been seen the impossible nature beauty to tourists. It is also known as Shuknachara waterfall.

This fountain is quite popular among the tourists. Every day there are numerous tourists visiting the hills, rivers and tremendous fountains. It seems the green canvas painted by the artists of the whole atmosphere of Haja Chora Waterfall. In the midst of many tourists, this fountain is silent. There is water throughout all year here. In winter, its water flow decreases. So this time is not so interesting. During the rainy season, the water level increased of the fountain and the path becomes muddy. So tourists should use good quality griped tracking shoes. But it is a good decision to go here around before the winter and after the rainy season. Just see Green.

Trees have around the fountain. Zoom farming in the adjacent hills. The field of zoom crops has been added to the mountains as a different greenhouse. From the city’s racket, you can bring the green atmosphere in your mind to the tranquility of peace.

How to go there?

If you want to go to Haja Chora Waterfall firstly you will have to go to Khagrachari first. From Dhaka, you can go by Santi transport, Hanif transport, Shyamoli and others buses to Khagrachari. Rent is approximately 550 Tk to 1200 Tk. After leaving Khagrachari, the public bus, Mahindra Jeep, or Chand car will go first to Dighinala. Or you can reach Dighinala directly from Dhaka by the Santi transport. On the way to Sajek Vally or on the way back from Baghahat Army Camp there is a fountain on the side of the 10th Street. The time back from Sajek by the Chand’s car can go to Haja Chora Waterfall. If you want to get up on the shore, but be careful.

Where you’ll stay?

There are many residential hotels in Khagrachari for tourists. There is no arrangement for eating or eating around the Haja Chora Waterfall. During go to the fountain, you can take some dry food and adequate water.

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