Dulahazara Safari Park

Dulahazara Safari Park

Dulahazara Safari Park is also known as Dulahazara Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Safari Park. Dulahazara Safari Park is located about 48 kilometers north of Cox’s Bazar district headquarters and 10 kilometers south of Chakaria Thana, Dulahazara block of Fasiakhali range of southern forest division of Cox’s Bazar district headquarters. Dulahazara Safari Park was established in Chakoria Upazila of Cox’s Bazar in 1999. Where the animals roam freely. Basically, as the deer breeding center, Dulahazara Safari Park was established by the Bangladesh Forest and Environment Ministry. This Safari Park extends over 900 hectares of area. This Safari park was established for extinct and rare species of wildlife conservation and with the reproduction of people’s entertainment, in order to manage research etc.

It is one of the most attractive Safari Parks in Bangladesh. This Safari Park of the built by Solitary high and low elevation of the lofty natural beauty. Safari Park has been also developed by flowing rhyme, lake, diverse traditional natural trees, and the evergreen forest known-unknown trees, fruit-herbal plants, beautiful vine, Plant assemblies and densely cover. The way around the shade, Green trees, Known and unknown wonderful trees, numerous birds and monkeys play, it’s a great feeling to match everything. Standing in the high watchtower on the road, you can see the beauty of the entire park. For at a glance know about Safari Park, there is a display Map on the left side of the main gate.

Some people do not agree to say the Safari Park, this Dulahazara Safari Park, Because of the natural infrastructure rather than the modern and artificial infrastructures have been developed more. Although Dulahazara Safari Park was originally established as a deer breeding center, there are also tigers, lion, elephants, bear, cheeks, crocodiles, hippo, Maya deer, snake deer, Chitra deer, para deer etc. There are freshwater crocodiles in this park, as well as saltwater crocodiles also here.

Dulahazara Safari Park already has become an attractive place for tourists. According to information provided by Bangladesh Forest Department, about 100,000 tourists traveled every year in this park. Park entrance fee 20 Tk.

How to go there?

If you go to Dulahazara Safari Park, firstly you have to go to Cox’s Bazar. Many buses from Dhaka go straight to Cox’s Bazar. From Cox’s Bazar city you can easily go to CNG, microbus or public bus in Dulahazara Safari Park.

Where you’ll stay?

There are many hotels/ motels/resort for stay in Cox’s Bazar. There are currently 150,000 people holding capacity in Cox’s Bazar hotels. So don’t worry about the stay. But if you want a standard room in any hotel, before going there you should be booking this room. Especially winter season and after 2 Eid must be booked a standard room before going there. There are also many special restaurants for eating. Where you can see many types of food.

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