Chera Dwip

Chera Dwip

The southernmost point of the map of Bangladesh and the name of this island is Chera dip. There is no further land in Bangladesh on the south side. The location of the Chera dip (island), 5 kilometers south of St. Martin. The size of the Chera dip (island) is 3 kilometers. Chera means detached or separate, and because of this Chera dip (island) detached from the main island terrain the island name is Chera dip. The island (Chera dip) was discovered by the end of 2000. This area is a government-declared “Compromised area of the environment.” In such areas, buying land for private or institutional ownership, even construction of any type of establishment is legally banned. The island (Chera dip) is about 3.6 meters high above the sea level. Researchers found 182 species of biodiversity found here Including 4 species of amphibians, 130 species of birds, 20 species of mammals and about 33,238 years old fossils found on this island.

Nearly half of the rough island was submerged in sea water during tide. There is a lot of natural stone on the ruined islands. Natural scenes can be seen on a rugged island. There are also marine waves and row-row coconut trees. The location of the Island (Chera dip) in the middle of the blue water in the sea. Looks from a distance, a forest floating in the sea; when you go near then see the coral stone and waves play on the scattered island. There are many species of marine birds and rusted islands. In winter, lots of guest birds come here on the island. This makes the island’s surroundings and natural beauty multiplied. This island (Chera dip) became much more attractive in moonlight night. Husain Ali’s family lives only one family on the island (Chera dip). Hossain Ali’s family has four children.

How to go there?

You can easily go to Teknaf by bus from Dhaka. Teknaf buses are available in Fakirapul and Saidabad bus stand of Dhaka. Shyamoli Transport, TR transport, Hanif Enterprise, Unique, S Alam Transport, Green Line, Saudia transport, Desh Travels, Sohag Transport, buses from Dhaka’s main bus stand go directly to Teknaf. It takes 10-13 hours to reach.

Then you can easily go to St Martin’s by ship from Teknaf. St. Martin island distance from Teknaf is 9 km in the winter the sea is cool, so this time it’s safer to go here. There are several ships including Sundarbans, Eagle, Green Line Water Bus, LC Kutubdia, and Kairi Sinddabad. The ships in the morning of 9:00 – 10:00 at the St. Martin’s intention to go. Ships rent are 300 – 550 taka. Besides possible to go through the trawler. Rent is Tk 150 per person. From St Martin Island you can easily go by speedboat or an engine-driven trawler to Chera Dwip.

Where you’ll stay?

There are no facilities in Chera Dwip for the stay night. There are no hotels/resorts in Chera Dwip. So you should come back to St. Martin Island. There are several good quality hotels and cottages to stay at St Martin’s night. 500 – 1000 taka can stay in any hotel. There are also many small restaurants in St. Martin’s Island and find here many types of food.

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