Boga Lake

Boga Lake

Boga Lake is the freshwater lake of the highest elevation of Bangladesh. Its height from sea level is about 2,400 feet. Boga Lake is located in Ruma Upazila, about 70 kilometers away from Bandarban city. It was created naturally. The location of this lake is around 15 acres of land on the hill. The depth of this lake is 38 meters (125 feet). This is the whole closed lake. No water can come out of it and no water can enter.

Boga Lake is one of the most attractive and tourist places in Bandarban. In the morning, evening or night, the Boga Lake’s beauty is changing. Night of the Boga Lake is very different from the day of Boga Lake. Sometimes clear and sometimes becomes turbid water into the lake. Unimaginable natural beauty is Boga Lake. Especially, if you go to Kyokradang, there must be a stop for taking rest in the Lake.

There is an army camp in Boga Lake and there are two lodging places, one of which is run by local villagers, and the other is government-run. Vam community living in the neighborhood of Boga Lake provides cooking for tourists. There are a school and a church. Note that, for safety, tourists have to report in Ruma and Boga Lake army’s camps. Walking on foot without local guides should not go from Ruma to any other tourist center. It is very difficult to go to the Boga Lake in the rainy season. So it is better to choose winter season go to Boga lake for travel.

How to go there?

First, you have to go to Bandarban town from any places in Bangladesh. Many buses directly go to Bandarban from Dhaka. Then you have to go to Chand’s car from Bandarban to Ruma. You have to reserve Chand’s car, Rent is 2 to 3 thousand. Besides, from Bandarban, many buses go to 7 am to 3 pm, rent is Tk 100. Ruma market must be reach around 4 pm, after 4 pm, the army does not allow any new Chand’s car to go to Boga Lake. From Ruma Bazar takes 3 hours to go to Boga Lake by Chand’s car. Then you have to take reserve Chand’s car from Ruma Bazar, rent is 2000 to 2500 taka.

Where you’ll stay?

There are two lodging places, one of which is run by local villagers, and the other is government-run. There is boarding cottage in the house of Siam Didi and Laram Bum. There is low-cost accommodation here. Where you will stay the food get there, but the time to cook it will be ordered before cooking.

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