Zainul Abedin Museum

Zainul Abedin Museum

Zainul Abedin Museum is located in Mymensingh District of Bangladesh. It is a collection of museums organized by Bangladesh National Museum. Where famous painter of Bangladesh Shilpacharya Zainul Abedin, notable paintings is preserved. It is situated on the bank of the Brahmaputra River at the house of Saheb Quarter Nalini Ranjan Sarkar. This museum was established in 1975 by providing shelter to a double building on the bank of the ancient Brahmaputra River, which is located on the north side of Mymensingh city. On April 15, 1975, the then Vice-President of the Government of Bangladesh Syed Nazrul Islam, the museum was inaugurated. The first collection of 70 paintings was found in this archive, mostly oil paintings. The most notable pictures include are- While traveling to different countries, pictures of Shilpacharya, Multiplication, father and son waiting for crossing the river and famine. From here, 17 very interesting images were stolen in 1982. Of these 10 images were recovered in 1994. Currently, there are 63 paintings in total. There are also used artworks and some of its paintings. Fixed images are got the decoration two-storied on the porch of the building. From 1975 to 1999, the Deputy Commissioner of Mymensingh was in charge of the management. In 1999, it was declared as a branch of the National Museum of Bangladesh. Since then, it has been managed under the National Museum. Here the chief officer is a sub-key official. There are a total of 18 officers working here. From 9 am to 4:30 pm, from Saturday to Wednesday, and Friday 2:30 to 7:30 remains open. Thursday is closed.

How to go there?

For the purpose of Mymensingh leaving a lot of buses from Mohakhali in Dhaka. The rental of the bus will be between 150-300 taka. It takes three hours to go from Dhaka to Mymensingh. Daily, total 7 mail trains go to Mymensingh from morning to night until 11 pm from the capital of Dhaka. From Mymensingh, you can easily go to the Museum via auto rickshaw.

Where you’ll stay?

There are many hotels in Mymensingh. Good quality hotel in the town of Mymensingh is Hotel Amir International, Hotel Al Hera, Hotel Mustafiz, and Silver Castle etc notable. In the city’s traditional and old hotel, Khandaker hotels offer only local food.

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