Murapara Rajbari

Murapara Rajbari

Murpara Rajbari is located in Rupganj upazila of Narayanganj district. It is located at Narsingdi road 25 km away from Dhaka. It is one of the archaeological sites of Bangladesh and the hundred-year-old zamindar house. About half a century, the Zamindar Bari of Rupganj has become a witness. At different times the Zamidar house, some Zamidar Bari were reformed and expanded. It is located in Murpara village in the Rupganj Upazila. The locals’ peoples call it a monastery Ghar. Murpara Rajbari is situated on 62 bighas of land. Every month thousands of people are coming here. This Zamidar Bari was built by Babu Ramratan Banerjee who established Murpara Zamidar Bari in the region. There is 95 rooms in the Zamidar Bari, there are 2 ponds adjoining, a large pond in front of the house; the second pond of the relatively small in the rear. In addition, there are many casinos, stables, temples, sheds and kachari houses in the entire zamindar house. The top of the temple is about 30 feet high. There is a large gate at the main entrance to the main palace. There is a mango garden beside the Rajbari. There are also two old monasteries next to the main road.

How to go there?

Sayedabad, Gulistan or Jatrabari from the Dhaka’s main bus stand firstly go to Ruposhi bus stand or Volota by the Meghla transport, Glory transport and Asian transport. Then you can easily go to Zamidar Bari by the rickshaw. Or via the CNG can go to Zamidar Bari from Ruposhi bus stand.

Where you’ll stay?

There are many hotels in Narayanganj District. If you want to stay here at night, you can safely stay here. Since everything can be seen in one day. So don’t worry about staying there.

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