Dhakeshwari Temple

Dhakeshwari Temple

Dhakeshwari Temple is a national temple located in Dhaka city of Bangladesh. The oldest and most important temple in Dhaka is the Dhakeswari temple. It is said that it has been named “Goddess of Dhaka”, ie, the protector of the city of Dhaka. The temple is located in a small ambient wall on the northern side of Dhakeswari Road, approximately 1.6 kilometers south-west of Salimullah Hall. There is a lion gate to enter the temple premises. The lion is called Nahabatkhana Arcane.

There are many stories about the history of the Dhakeswari temple. It is assumed that the King of the Senas, Vallal Sen founded it in the 12th century. However, many historians believe that the architecture of the time does not match its architecture. Various changes have been made at different times in the structure and deployment of this temple. Once spoken, Raja Bijoy Sen’s Queen went to the bath in Langalband. On his way back to the bath, he had a son, who was known as Balal Sen in history. After the ascendancy of Vallal Sen, this temple was built to keep its birthplace memorable.

How to go here?

After going to Shahbagh from anywhere in Dhaka by bus or CNG, the rickshaw could be taken to a temple of aesthetic located on the south-western corner of Salimullah Hall of Dhaka University. The rickshaw will be taken Tk 20-30 from Shahbagh.

Weekly prayer day

Friday – Mother worship of Puja, Time: 10.00 am. Saturday – Saturday worship, time: 6:00 pm. Sunday – Kirtan Hari Service, Time: 5.00 pm to 9.00 pm. Monday – Shiva worship, other, time: from 7.00am to 9.00pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday – Durga maat worship, time: 7.00am to 9.00pm

In addition to daily and weekly prayer, worship is worshiped every day and Arati is worshiped every day at 7.00 p.m. Besides, there is also a lot of worship in Shiva Puja and Nath Mandir.

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