Nilgiri Tourism Center is one of most the popular tourist centers of Bandarban district. Nilgiri is the most beautiful and attractive among all the tourist places in Bangladesh. It is located at Thanchi Thana of Nilgiri Paharchuray in Bandarban district. From Bandarban district headquarters to Nilgiri tourist center is distance 50 kilometers.

Nilgiri Tourism Center is always a major tourist attraction because it is located at 2200 feet above sea level and this is the special attraction of this tourist center. If you want to touch clouds then go to Nilgiri. Because only Nilgiri will be fulfill your wish. If you go to Nilgiri, the clouds will catch in your hands. From the beginning of the 21st century, Nilgiri gradually started to gain a reputation as a tourism center for people across the country. This entire tourism center was established by Bangladesh Army and they are managed by it. So, do not worry about security. Army members will extend their cooperation to your any need time.

Nilagiri is a unique gift of nature. Due to Nilgiri Bandarban is called Darjeeling of Bangladesh. Enjoy the beauty of Nilgiri all year. But, there is much more joy in the winter and rainy season. From the peak of Nilgiris, the country’s second highest hill, Kokrudong, natural wonders Baga Lake, the sea of Cox’s Bazar, and eye-sighted hills are also found. There are several Mro tribe villages near Nilgiri. Seeing their colored culture and living here can be a unique experience for you.

Different time can be seen Nilgiri different kinds. It’s always wonderful to have an afternoon and night in the morning. But, the dawn is the most interesting time of the day. The euphemisms of greenery and loneliness are the attraction of Nilgiri. Presently daily and foreign tourists are coming to Nilgiri tour every day. So you should also go to see Nilgiri once in your life. Establishment of Exclusive Tourist Zone (ETZ) in Bandarban, like Cox’s Bazar the tourism ministry and national tourism companies have taken effective steps.

How to go there?

Firstly, you have to go to Bandarban town from any places in Bangladesh. Many buses directly go to Bandarban city from Dhaka. Such as Hanif transport, Green line transport, Shyamoli transport, unique transport, SM transport, all of these buses daily directly go to Bandarban city from Dhaka. Rent is around 600-1200 Tk.
And you can also go to Bandarban city from Chittagong. Bandarban is now running BRTC AC bus service from Kadamtali in Chittagong, and from Bahaddarhat in Chittagong Purbu-Purbani Non AC/AC. Bandarban-Chittagong Bus Rent No AC 110 Taka and AC 220 Taka.

You can go to Nilgiri from Bandarban Tourist Center, from Ruma Jyape station of Bandarban District Sadar, by jeep, Chand’s car or public bus. And by the CNG and Mahendra car also can be going to Nilgiri. On the way to Nilgiri, the names and addresses of the tourists should be recorded at the army checkpoint. No car is allowed to go to Nilgiri after 5 pm from Bandarban district headquarters. Tourists will be required to pay 50 Tk per person. Various types of hired vehicles are available to visit tourism spots in Bandarban tourist spots with Nilgiri. But for a couple of reserved cars the rent is much more. The cost is much lower if you can visit the Nilgiri with family and friends.

Where you’ll stay?

Bandarban has numerous resorts, hotels, motels and rest houses. Where you can spend the night 600 to 3 thousand Taka. There are also six cottages at the Senanayit Nilgiri Resort. The names are Akhnila, Megaduta, Nilanga, Hetta Raicha and Marmacha. To stay in the cottages, tourists will have to count 4 to 10 thousand taka. In addition, a reference to an officer of the army officer level must be of reference in the field of booking. Nilgiri Resort has no booking rules without reference.

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