Armenian church

Armenian church Dhaka

The Armenian Church is an ancient Christian religious place of Old Dhaka. The Armenian Church (also known as Armenian Apostolic Church of the Holy Resurrection) is a historically significant architectural monument situated in the Armanitola area of old Dhaka, Bangladesh. “The church bears testimony to the existence of a major Armenian community within the region in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.”

It was established in 1781 AD. It is located in Armanitola, old Dhaka. In the 18th and nineteenth century, many Armenians came to Dhaka for business and trade. Before the churches were built, there was a cemetery of Armenians at that place. Aga Minas Ketchik donated the land for this church. In 1880, the church was stopped for financial restraint. In the earthquake of 1897, the church clock collapsed. Armenians’ cemetery is located in the courtyard of the church.

How to go there?

The Armenian Church is situated in old Dhaka. From anywhere in Dhaka city can easily go to old Dhaka via the buses or CNG.

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