Satchari National Park

Satchari National Park

Satchari National Park is a natural park of Bangladesh. Satchari National Park is situated at the Raghunandan hills of Chunarughat Upazila under Habiganj district of Sylhet division. There are many tea gardens, lots of plants and enough animals around the National Park. This made a lot of interesting the National park. This is one of the most attractive tourist places in Habiganj. Around the darkness of the light forest, where the two eyes are visible only see green and green. It’s the amazing park. It’s situated the distance of 130 kilometers by road from the capital of Dhaka And about 60 km south-west of the Sreemangal city.

The ancient history of the forest is, once, the cultivation of zoom, as a result, the forest of the Raghunandan hills end. Later in 1900, many trees were planted for wood production. In 1914 as a forest reserve, this hill area is named after record a book. According to the Wildlife Conservation / Correction Act of 1974, in 2005 the “Satchari National Park” was established. Its area is approximately 243 hectares or six hundred acres. There are seven mountain rhymes in this park, from its was after named Satchari National park. The previous name of the Satchari National Park was “Raghunandan Hill Reserve Forest”.

Satchari National Park is one of the national parks in Bangladesh. It’s so beautiful and attractive places. This National park is the extraordinary natural beauty among all tourist places in Bangladesh. The lots of plants and animals in this park are much higher than other national parks. Which the park was made more nature green. The National Park is surrounded by a few tea gardens, villages, towns and cultivated land. There are 9 tea gardens nearby the Satchari National park. Satchari tea garden on the west side of the park and Chakrapunji tea garden and Raghunandan Hill Forest situated on the east side of the National park. There are sometimes minor ethnic groups in this park. Teparapara village is located inside a park. Where 24 indigenous tribal families live. People from around fourteen villages, in particular, the workers of tea gardens and forest dwellers are dependent on forest resources in a variety of ways.

To make tourists travel, three trails have been made in Satchari National Park.

  • One is half an hour’s trail: The trail of a length of 1 km can be used to cover the only Tipra village located in the forest.
  • Another is one hour trail: If you want to see different species of plants/plants in varied forests, you should proceed with this trail.
  • And last of all, three-hour trail: The 6-km long trail will be precipitated on the deepest of the forest. The trails are ideal for bird lovers.

You can find guides from the park’s information center for the accurate hangout. According to the trail, the guide fee is 200-500 taka. Although there is a map in the office premises, I think the guide should be taken. There is no direction in this regard, although there is guidance on the trail at the beginning. As a result, there is a possibility to make a mistake in the forest. That’s why you should be taken a guide with you.

There are more than 200 species of trees in the Satchari National Park. In it special names of Shal, Segun, agar, roar, Chaplish, palm, mahogany, Kishnachura, fig, jam, Jamrul, Awal, Malikas, eucalyptus, Akhsmani, bamboo and cane trees etc. is notable. Satchari National Park is the bird’s kingdom. There are lots of birds in this park. There are about 150-200 species of birds. Satchari National Park is a protected forest of Bangladesh and a home of birds. Kao Dhanesh, Banmorog, Lalmatha Trogan, Mynna, Vimraj, Shyama, Shalik, Yellow Bird, Tia etc. are notable. There are 197 species of animals in this park. Of these, about 24 species of mammals, 18 species of reptiles, 6 species of amphibians. Besides, this park has lazy monkeys, peacocks, ghosts, Hanuman, fox, Kulu monkey, Mesobagh, Maya deer, and Reptiles etc. A variety of insect spider shouts all of these gives great pleasure to the tourists.

  • 1st October to 30th April is the best time to visit this park.
  • There no restaurant in this park, that’s why you can keep some food and water.

How to go there?
There are 2 ways to go to the Satchari National Park from Dhaka. One is bus and another is the train. However, due to the good road communication system can go very quickly by bus.
Bus: The easiest way from Dhaka to go to the Sylhet-bound bus which will be stopped in the freedom fighters. Then you can easily go to the Satchari National Park from there by bus or Maxi. Every day buses from Mohakhali, Sayedabad, and Arambagh of Dhaka leave for going to Sylhet. Buses are Ena transport, Hanif Transport, Greenline Transport, Shyamoli Transport and Unique Transport.
Train: To reach Habiganj on the train, go to Sayestaganj station. From here, the distance of the city is about 14 kilometers. Then you can easily go to Satchari from here by CNG, Bus or Maxi. From Kamalapur of Dhaka Parabat Express, Jayantika Express, and Upobon Express go to Sylhet. Rent is 250 to 673 taka.

Where you’ll stay?
You can easily hangout among one-day the Satchari National park from Dhaka. But if you want to see the forest and tea gardens, you need two to three days. There is no system to stay or eat here. If you want, you can stay make on the camp at night. However, the forest department office will require prior permission. Before coming; you can contact Ranger Mr. Md. Liaquat Ali Mollah (Mobile 01190789176).
If you do not make the camp for stay at night, then you can stay in the town of Habiganj. There are some good quality hotels. Hotel Sonartori, hotel Jamil, hotel Amad etc… Rent is between 800-2500 taka. There is also a Nisorgo hill cottage here. It is situated on the side of the main entrance of Rema-Kalenga Wildlife Sanctuary. There are three rooms of this college, eight people can stay here. The big two rooms are rented for 100o Tk and the smallest rent is Tk 700. The cost of food is Tk 200 per person daily. And breakfast 60 Tk. Besides, if you want you can stay at Madhabpur Upazila of Habiganj district. There are also many good quality hotels.

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