Parki Sea Beach

Parki Sea Beach

Parki Sea Beach is located 13 kilometers south of Anwara Police station, 25 kilometers south of Chittagong city. From the naval academy of Chittagong or the airport area, the crossing of the Karnafuli River crosses the park.

“Parki sea beach” distance from Chittagong city is about 25 km. It will take 1 hour to go. It is basically located in the mouth of the Karnaphuli River. That is the Patenga beach and on the east-south coast of West Coast on the west bank of the Karnafuli River.

There is a different view on the way to Parki beach. Drawing on the small hills along the drawings can be seen. On the way to the beach, on the other side of the narrow road, row rows, green fields, and fish gases are seen. On the way to Parakhi Beech, the new hanging bridge is seen on the riverbed of the river Karnafuli.

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