Bangabandhu Memorial Museum & Dhanmondi Lake

“Bangabandhu Bhaban was the non-public residence of the beginning father and President of People’s Republic of Bangladesh.” The founder of Independent Bangladesh Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Dhanmondi, who occupied the important time of life in the house of 32, has guided the nation in the struggle for Independence; the house is carrying his memories of today. Currently, it’s the Bangabandhu Memorial Museum. Bangabandhu Memorial Museum is located on the old No 32 Road of Dhanmondi Residential Area of Dhaka.
On 15 August 1975, some disgruntled Army officers carried out the Assassination of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. “His married woman sheik Fazilatunnesa Mujib his sons Sheik Kamal, Sheik Jamal and Sheik Russel were killed in the attack on their residence.” On 12 June 1981, the house was handed over to the surviving family members of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. “Sheikh Hasina found sheik Mujib’s diaries within the building when the handover and that were later revealed as memoirs.” There are different rare photographs of Sheikh Mujib’s entire life and many reminiscent objects of last days of his life in the house. “Besides, various things that were employed by Bangabandhu are preserved within the house”.
A lake is situated near the Bangabandhu Memorial Museum. The name of Dhanmondi Lake is called. The lake was primarily an abandoned canal of the river Kawran Bazar which was merged with the river Turag. The lake has partially joined the Begunbari canal. Allocations for 16% of Dhanmondi residential areas were allocated. Over time, the lake became a spectacular and various cultural centers were formed around it, among which Ravindra Sarobar is located beside the lake. This is also the most beautiful and attractive place in Dhaka city. Every day, there are coming many tourist for visiting Bangabandhu Memorial Museum and Dhanmondi Lake.

How to go here

Anywhere in Dhaka by the buses and CNG, are easily accessible to the Bangabandhu Memorial Museum and Dhanmondi lake Area. It’s located in center of Dhaka city. That’s why, easily go to there.

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