National Martyr’s Memorial

National Martyr’s Memorial

National Martyrs memorial is one of the most attractive tourists place in Dhaka. In 1971, for the long 9 months of bloody war and millions of martyrs we got this freedom. Remembrance and sacrifice for the country in the great liberation war, remembrance of those brave martyrs and memorials built for their respect and honor. “National Martyrs’ Memorial is that the memorial of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh established within the memory of the heroism and therefore the sacrifice of all those that gave their lives in the” Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971, which brought independence and separated Bangladesh from Pakistan. It was designed by Syed Mainul Hossain.

On 16th December 1972, Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman laid the foundation stone of the memorial to honor the fighters sacrificing their lives and make the war of liberation memorable. A monument is built on about 84 acres of land. Constructed with 7 triangular pillars made of concrete, the main building is formed, which gradually gets elevated above the top. Its height is 150 feet. The height of the first pillar is low and the largest in the stone. It has been referred to the beginning of the movement, the language movement of 1952. The next pillars are meant to be 1954, 1958, 1962, 1966, 1669 and 1971 respectively. The victory of the war of liberation by the highest pillar implies victory. This monumental feature seems to be of one type from one side to another. It’s not just memorials. This is the best tourist place in Dhaka. There is an attractive wide entrance.

How to go there?

The National Martyr’s Memorial is located in Savar, about 35 km north-west of the capital, Dhaka. From Dhaka to Savar, now it is very easy to go in short time. Two types of transport, one is the bus and the other is CNG.

From where the buses go to savar,

  1. You can go from Motijheel and Gulistan to Framgate, Asadgate, Shyamoli, Gabtoli, and Hemayetpur to Savar.
  2. And also go from Mirpur 12 are Mirpur 11, Mirpur 10, Mirpur 1, and Gabtoli, Hemayetpur to Savar.
  3. From Airport can be reached in Uttara to Nabinagar and Savar.

And go from anywhere in Dhaka by CNG.

(B.N) after gets down to Savar, whenever asks anyone, the road to enter the National Memorial they will show.

Where you’ll stay?

There are many hotels and restaurant in Savar. Since everything can be seen in one day. So don’t worry about stay there.

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